WWE 2K22 Fans Disappointed With GM Mode Should Play Fire Pro Wrestling World

WWE 2K22The well-received release of has helped redeem the sports-entertainment giant’s presence in video games. After WWE 2K20 disastrous launch furious fans and WWE 2K Battlegrounds only filled a hole in the 2K Games schedule, 2K22 was more than a return to form. It’s been WWE’s best game for years in its own right, making it the rare game to live up to the hype of its trailers.

That said, as impressive as innovations like the killer instinct-the inspired combo system are, WWE 2K22 still managed to disappoint in some key areas. The return of GM mode, which puts players in charge of one of WWE’s brands, was well received by fans who initially poured hours into it. SmackDown vs. Raw Games. While 2K22While GM mode can be fun, it pales in comparison to the original. Luckily, there’s a mode in another wrestling game, available on modern hardware, that offers a compelling alternative.

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Fire Pro Wrestling World, available for PC, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5 with backward compatibility, features its own take on GM Mode. Called promoter of fire, the mode tasks future professional wrestling impresarios with starting their own promotion from the ground up. Initially choosing a roster of six wrestlers, the player’s goal is to grow their business from a tough independent promotion running shows in high school gyms to a WWE-style conglomerate selling out arenas all over the world.

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promoter of fire offers challenges similar to 2K22 GM mode. Expenses and talent must be managed. As in 2K22, disgruntled stars can quit the player’s promotion if they’re unhappy and head for greener pastures. Contrary to 2K22, it’s possible for players to put their promotion out of business if they don’t keep track of their spending. Both games feature other management duties, such as signing free agent talent to the player’s roster and booking venues.

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Or Fire Pro what stands out is the wider canvas it offers for fantastic player booking. Instead of competing with another WWE brand, promoter of fire allows players to customize their competition. Players can choose up to 16 default fictional promotions or set up existing wrestling promotions as a competition. With The fire pros Robust build options, players can populate these rosters with authentic versions of each promotion’s top stars.

This storyline may appeal to All Elite Wrestling fans the most, as they can achieve their own “Forbidden Door” dreams and cultivate working relationships with other promotions. This can lead to super maps full of guest stars working with their own talent. They can also go the other way and challenge other promotions in “cross-promotion” shows where the companies top stars face off in a series of best-of-five singles matches.

An attribute that makes promoter of fire more attractive than 2K22 GM mode for wheelchair wrestling bookers is how open it is. As invested as gamers could get in a 2K22 In GM mode, it doesn’t last very long. Even a 50-week run, the longest amount of time players can devote to a season in GM mode, can be exhausted quickly given that most maps are three games long. Although it helps to 2K22GM mode is addictive, it’s also an odd fit for the “show must go on” nature of pro wrestling.

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If the cards are well played, a promoter of fire the race can last for decades. Although the wrestlers obviously don’t age, they will eventually retire after reaching their “physical limit”, as the game puts it. Thanks to promoter of fireWith the scouting feature, aging veterans can be replaced with new talent. This means players can build a dynasty of wrestlers on the same scale as Vince McMahon.

While promoter of fire can be deeply satisfying for wrestling fans on a level that WWE 2K22 is not, it is not without flaws. Chief among them is the cost. promoter of fire is a $19.99 downloadable content when purchased on its own. However, to get the most out of it, players need to invest in the rest of the game’s DLC. Although there is a bundle on Steam, it’s pricey even during a Steam sale. PlayStation owners can buy the Deluxe Edition for $89.99, but it doesn’t include all of the DLC, meaning they have to purchase the rest individually.

For wrestling fans willing to invest money and time, promoter of fire offers an alternative to the welcome but flawed GM mode WWE 2K22 offers. While it’s not for everyone, it does offer some confusing things that WWE offers, like Tag Team Titles, in addition to a host of features that a WWE-focused game will never. If nothing else, it gives AEW fans who hate giving WWE their money a game to keep them busy until the upstart company’s first licensed title finally arrives.

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