WV CO accused of bringing steroids and phones to prison


HUTTONSVILLE, W.Va. – A correctional officer in Huttonsville has been charged with allegedly bringing controlled substances and contraband into the facility during the three months.

Homer howell

According to a criminal complaint filed by the Elkins Detachment of West Virginia State Police, during the months of April through July, Homer Howell, 39, “conspired and delivered controlled substances / contraband in Huttonsville Correctional Institution and Jail while performing his duties as a Correctional Officer. “

Meanwhile, Howell and an inmate at the facility “acted together” with a woman outside the facility “to help facilitate the delivery of contraband / controlled substances to Huttonsville,” Soldiers said. .

The female person “could collect US currency via Cash App” and then send payments to Howell via Western Union; Howell, “upon receipt, would deliver the packages to the jail,” according to the complaint.

Howell received two packages, one of which contained two cell phones and “suspected anabolic steroids”; Howell told the soldiers that “he would receive $ 1,000 to $ 2,000 per package” and that he received a total of $ 8,000 to $ 10,000 in total from April to July, the soldiers said.

On July 18, soldiers working with the Mountain Rivers Drug Task Force and the Mountain Lakes Drug Task Force and Elkins Police Department executed a search warrant at Howell’s home, according to the complaint.

During the search, the police found two open vials of “suspected anabolic steroids” at a rate of 60 per vial, an LG flip phone, an LG smartphone and a sheet of paper “with the dates possible delivery of the package ”; Howell was not at the residence at the time of the search, soldiers said.

On August 2, Howell arrived at the Elkins detachment for an interview, and after reading his Miranda rights, he agreed to provide an audio statement, according to the complaint.

During his statement, Howell “advised that he would bring the packages to an inmate … in cylindrical tubes wrapped in black electrical tape … by simply putting them in his pants pocket,” soldiers said.

Howell told the soldiers that “he thought he was taking sewing needles and hair grease,” but then told MPs “Deep in my heart and soul I knew it was probably drugs, “according to the complaint.

The soldiers learned that the items found during the search “were supposed to go to the inmate” and Howell told the soldiers “he was supposed to keep the other phone”; Howell also told the soldiers that “he would help [troopers] by providing information about other people involved if he received relevant information, ”the soldiers said.

On August 11, soldiers spoke with the inmate involved in the incident and received an audio statement after reading the inmate a statement from Miranda, according to the complaint.

During this statement, the inmate “denied having much involvement” but he “admitted helping to collect money and helping people outside … collecting money for him”, and that the detainee “felt that collecting the money was drug-related,” soldiers mentioned.

Howell was charged with aiding escape and other offenses related to adults in custody. He is being held at Tygart Valley Regional Jail on $ 50,000 bond.

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