Vivo Designs Detachable Double Sided Retractable Smartphone Camera


Vivo has designed a detachable pop-up camera system that consists of three cameras in total and two flashes and runs on its own built-in battery.

Removable smartphone cameras are not a new concept, at least in the design phase. For example, Vivo himself explored the idea of ​​a small, detachable phone camera with its own touchscreen earlier this month, which was built on a 2020 prototype that showed a smartphone design with a camera. detachable front.

This time, Vivo has designed a double-sided pop-up camera which is perhaps the most advanced and practical design to date. The patent – as found and illustrated by LetsGoDigital – shows a Vivo smartphone with a full screen design and a pop-up camera located in the upper right corner.

The system can be used for selfies and video calls and has a dual camera built into the back of the pop-up system. This acts as the main camera, giving users a total of three cameras and two flashes.

The pop-up camera can be fully removed and fixed at different angles with a hinge. Users can get the most out of the camera by placing it on a flat surface to take photos from a distance – like using a camera with a remote shutter release – or by holding it in their hand like a selfie stick. .

This removable camera system has a built-in battery, which means it can be used independently of the smartphone. If the battery is low, users can reattach it to the smartphone to charge it from the main body battery. This is done using a sliding rail, with additional magnets to prevent the camera from accidentally coming loose.

As this is a double-sided camera, the system detects which side the user is on. This design also gives Vivo the ability to add Dual-View video functionality in the future.

LetsGoDigital explains that the patent does not mention what type of cameras to use with this design, but rather states that the camera will have different apertures “for full photographic possibilities”.

With numerous detachable camera system patents under its belt, it’s apparently increasingly likely that Vivo will at some point make a finished smartphone that will give it a try, though it’s unclear just how much such a design. would be successful. There are no doubt practical applications that a removable module would certainly facilitate, but the increased possibility of losing these critical parts may outweigh the benefits.

Vivo isn’t alone in testing design waters with a removable camera system. Oppo has also patented a detachable camera module design, although it is considerably bulkier than Vivo’s. Samsung has considered integrating a smartphone camera into its S Pen.

The full patent application can be viewed at LetsGoDigital.

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