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On October 24, 2021, Vinacontrol Group Joint Stock Company (Vinacontrol Group) reached the milestone of 64 years of construction and growth, marking an ever-growing journey from the leading inspection organization and longest history in Vietnam. Meanwhile, Vinacontrol has always asserted its role as one of the leading inspection, testing, certification and assessment bodies in Vietnam, a reliable partner of enterprises and state management agencies.

The Vinacontrol group, formerly known as the Merchandise Import and Export Inspection Department of the Ministry of Commerce (now the Ministry of Industry and Trade), was established in 1957 with the mission of testing goods. exported, quarantine plants and monitor imported goods. Vinacontrol Group today operates under the model of a limited company with expanding services including certification, inspection, price assessment, consultancy and environmental assessment, fumigation – sterilization, … and services requiring high technology are increasing in proportion.

Vinacontrol inspectors carry out the safety and technical inspection of medical equipment in accordance with the provisions of circular 33/2020 / TT-BYT.

In order to proactively prevent the Covid-19 epidemic, from the start of the epidemic, the Vinacontrol Group quickly put in place measures to ensure the provision of inspection services to customers, while ensuring the safety of Group employees. In addition to regularly disinfecting the office, Vinacontrol requires our inspectors and experts to strictly adhere to epidemic prevention regulations, in order to bring customers peace of mind when using the service.

When the provinces and cities of the country implemented social distancing in accordance with Directive 16 / CT-TTg, the Vinacontrol group actively announced the organization of the closure schedule, maintaining the operation of a network of 28 branches , member units and 7 laboratories nationwide throughout the epidemic. At the same time, Vinacontrol applies technological solutions, ensuring rapid service of import and export shipments and domestic delivery, responding to the progress of production and delivery of enterprises.

Vinacontrol surveyors are carrying out an appraisal project for a bulk export shipment from the company.

Responding to the call of the Party and the Government, the Vinacontrol Group participated in the support of the COVID-19 Vaccine Fund. In addition to the general activities of the Group, the member units of Vinacontrol have also actively participated in contributing to the prevention and local control of epidemics. Typically, Vinacontrol Da Nang and Vinacontrol Ho Chi Minh City, two members located in areas heavily affected by the Covid-19 epidemic, had many activities such as visiting, encouraging and donating essential equipment to doctors, medical personnel and epidemic prevention forces in hospitals. and checkpoints in the city.

Domestically, the Inspection Gratitude Fund, built and contributed by Vinacontrol staff, promoted common sense of the fund, timely sharing and assistance to the families of inspectors facing difficulties due to the epidemic.

During the most difficult times, the beauty of humanity of Vinacontrol is promoted. All the leaders and employees of the Vinacontrol Group are ready to accompany, share and join hands to help colleagues, the community and the government to abrogate the Covid-19 epidemic, soon stabilize life and the economy.

Vinacontrol Da Nang gives gifts to frontline forces fighting the epidemic during the 4th Covid outbreak.

On the occasion of the 64th anniversary of our creation, Vinacontrol Group wishes to thank everyone for the attention and support of the State management agencies; the trust and camaraderie of associations, companies, clients and partners in Vietnam and abroad. At the same time, we would like to express our gratitude for the enthusiastic and tireless dedication of all agents and employees of Vinacontrol.

The Vinacontrol Group is committed to continuing to improve the quality of service, by constantly innovating, adapting to new situations, always remaining a reliable point of support for customers, partners and companies.state managementagencies.

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