Vertex Tax Technology: How Siemens Researched (And Found) A Tax Calculation Engine Designed For Growth


“When you process 20 to 25,000 tax returns and 146 audits per year, it’s extremely important to have a partner like Vertex you can count on,” says Sandra Blair, Indirect Tax Manager for Siemens in the United States.

I am responsible for indirect taxation for Siemens in the United States. We are a global conglomerate in the world’s top 50. We have sites in all countries of the world.

We were looking for a new tax calculator provider. Together with the consultants Vertex, the DMA alliance partner, we were able to move seven SAP systems from our former supplier to the new Vertex tax calculation engine. Move 3.5 million tax exemption certificates, and set up our pay-per-use tax accumulation program in less than six months.

After a bit of stabilization, we then moved our Oracle system in three weeks from our old vendor to the Vertex solution.

One of the great advantages that we have been able to obtain from Vertex is to put our destiny under our control. We no longer need to contact IT to make changes once a setup is identified, or an overpayment, or usage tax overpayment, we can immediately go into Vertex, test our solution, fix it, and run it into production. So a five to six month process has now been reduced to one day, if necessary. So that was a huge benefit, a reduction in costs, savings.

We also had a report custom made, so for each of these changes we made using Vertex, we were able to pinpoint how much we were able to save. This therefore prepares us to take us into the future, into the environment and the economy of digitization. And Vertex, with their content, has given us a wider range to manage our conglomerate and all of the service lines that we sell.

When you process 20 to 25,000 tax returns per year and 146 audits per year, it is extremely important to have a partner, like Vertex, that you can count on. Their tax calculations, you know they’re right. This provides the correct answer when it comes back into your system.

Working with Vertex has made it possible for my shared services organization to take on additional work without additional staff. This has allowed us to increase our accuracy on our consumers’ tax returns, our accuracy on our clients’ billings, which has allowed us to increase our customer satisfaction scores from a tax service perspective: s’ ensure that everything is compliant and that we ‘respond in the most effective and efficient manner.

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