Transferring data from iPhone to Android 12 smartphone becomes so easy

Google really seems to want iPhone users to switch from Apple smartphones to Android smartphones; and has therefore updated its iOS application “Switch to Android”. It now supports all Android 12 devices, whereas before it only worked with Pixels.

The “Switch to Android” application that Google has been working on for several months has now got a major update this should make it easier for iPhone users to transfer their data to any smartphone with Android 12.

Indeed, the free iOS application that was available a few weeks ago was so far only compatible with Pixel smartphones; but a new update now makes it compatible with all smartphones running on Google’s latest operating system. For iPhone users who are planning to switch to Android, the possibility of a smoother migration to the green robot operating system is now available.

As before, the app can transfer data from iPhone to your new Android phone. The process shouldn’t be difficult and almost all the best apps you love on iPhone will also be available on Android, but it should be noted that many games on iOS are unfortunately not available on the Google Play Store.

You can now easily transfer data from iPhone to Android 12 smartphones

Simply connect your iPhone to your new Android smartphone with a Lightning cable or use the Switch to Android wireless option. The app will then ask you to connect the Android device you are migrating to; using the camera to scan a QR code. If not available, there is also a connection option; directly on a device using a WiFi Direct network name and password.

Either way, the app downloads just about any information it can find on your iPhone. This includes contacts, calendar events, photos, videos, or even your data stored in iCloud. The app also helps you by giving you tips for getting acclimated to the new operating system; and shows you how to disable iMessage before switching ecosystems because iMessage is not available on Android.

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