TI Clean Mobility will deploy an electric three-wheel tractor this year

TI Clean Mobility, part of the diversified conglomerate Murugappa Group, will unveil its electric three-wheelers and tractors under its Montra brand this year, a senior company official said Monday.

TI Clean Mobility is a wholly owned subsidiary of Tube Investments of India, a Murugappa Group company.

The company has earmarked Rs 200 crore for the new venture, which will manufacture its products locally to serve the domestic market initially, Tube Investments of India Executive Chairman Arun Murugappan said here.

“As the Montra electric vehicles will soon be launched, the three-wheelers will be revolutionary products, a portfolio with many categories, distinctive and superior performance and customer-centric cutting-edge technology. Our corporate vision is to improving quality of life through eco-friendly mobile solutions Innovative, integrated and affordable solutions have taken center stage,” he told reporters.

According to Murugappan, the electric three-wheeler market is expected to reach $1.7 billion by 2025, making it one of the fastest growing industries in the world.

“Electric three-wheelers are an excellent choice for all commercial and last-mile passenger applications. Electric three-wheelers can reduce carbon emissions by 13 tonnes per 100 km…” he said .

The company would produce 75,000 vehicles at its plant near Chennai in the first year. This will increase capacity in the future and the vehicles will be in the passenger and freight sector, he said.

“We have an existing space in the cycle factory at Ambattur. The launch of these vehicles will be in all states of India, it will be in a phased manner…the three-wheeler will be launched at the end of August or September at that time.” Murugappan added.

Declining to reveal the price of the vehicle, he said the company had a distribution network in 40 locations and would be expanded to 100 by the end of the year.

So far “the price is concerned, we will announce it around the launch date,” he noted.

Asked about keeping the Montra brand, he said, “Montra is the brand we already have. We have e-bikes under the Montra brand. We are continuing our Montra brand for the electric platform.”

The initial outlay for the EV business is around Rs 200 crore, Murugappan noted.

“We recently formed a TI Clean Mobility subsidiary to focus on the electric vehicle sector. We are exploring further growth opportunities…we will be rolling out three products…

“This product has been in development for three years. It was designed in-house…And we design this product exclusively based on customer needs and environmental concerns,” he said.

Tube Investments of India has acquired Bengaluru-based Celestial, which manufactures electric tractors.

“We will manufacture electric tractors and three-wheelers and in the future we will look for other platforms. Celestial Tractors is in the process of setting up a factory outside Chennai,” he said. .

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