This new planet-friendly smartphone comes with a 5-year warranty


Imagine a phone that will last for five years with a warranty, that is durable and easily repairable. It might sound like a dream, but thanks to a company called Fairphone, it isn’t.

The company which is known to shake up conventional OEMs has launched its next generation device – the Fairphone 4 which promises to be a scalable, repairable and durable smartphone that can be used for many years without any issues.

The company’s promises and commitment to the ethical sourcing of materials and the right to fix the movement are moving away from traditional big companies like Apple and Samsung.

Fairphone 4 uses a modular design similar to the company’s previous models, but with more powerful internals, as well as a promise of two major Android updates. The software support for the phone will extend until the end of 2025. The modular design allows the user to easily repair and modify the phone.

But what has been the company’s biggest contribution is its commitment to reducing the environmental impact of smartphone manufacturing. The company’s philosophy is that a phone’s biggest environmental impact comes from the way it is made, and being able to use the same phone for longer makes it sustainable.

The Fairphone 4 received a Perfect Repairability Score from iFixit. Credit: Fairphone

The right to redress movement has grown across the world. The Biden administration is also seeking to establish rules to prevent large companies from using anti-competitive power to prevent people from repairing their products.

Companies like Google and Samsung have manufacturing models that depend on intensive resource extraction and industrial production that are primarily supported by child and slave labor. This makes every part of a typical smartphone very destructive and unethical in origin. A 2019 lawsuit condemns big tech companies for profiting from child labor in Congolese cobalt mines. These extraction methods also create “cancer villages” and cause rare cancers in the factories where these phones are made.

Fairphone promises to move away from this mode of production and insists that its materials are ethically sourced and free from exploitation and conflict. The company is also working with Arima, a Taiwan-based assembly partner, to strive and continue to improve working conditions.

Cover image: Fairphone

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