This application allows you to prioritize notifications from your smartphone


No matter how hard you try, notifications on your smartphone always end up becoming a distraction. Some of these notifications are important, but others are not. Spam messages and inadvertent app notifications are now an integral part of our digital life. How can a smartphone user bypass it?

STFO is a smart notification management app that allows you to set custom filters for notifications on your phone. Users can either define custom rules for notifications and filter unwanted notifications, or choose from a list of universal rules ready to use in the app. For example, if a notification from any application contains the words “offer”, “sale” or “lottery”, then STFO will automatically reject these alerts. These target phrases or words can be set for one or more apps on your device.

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Likewise, you can prioritize important notifications with the app. If your phone is in do not disturb mode, STFO can choose to deactivate it if a notification from any application contains the keywords “urgent”. Likewise, if a user receives a notification from an application containing the word “Mum” or “Dad” or “Grandmother”, STFO will remind the user of the notification every 5 minutes until they receive it. rejects. You can also set up personalized sound and vibration alerts for notifications that match your period criteria.

STFO also has a useful “auto-reply” feature, which can be used to reply to messages you don’t see for 24 hours. Responses can be personalized. The app does not require any special permissions except location settings and access to notifications. More importantly, the developers of the app have made it clear in the privacy guidelines that no data on your phone is shared with third parties.

Play Store Rating: 4 stars ; App Store Rating: N / A

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