TCL unveils foldable clamshell smartphone for $ 600 –

At CES 2022, the Chinese TCL presented the foldable smartphone Flex V. The device offers a Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 design and a mid-range chipset, but its main feature is its price of $ 600, which makes it the case. Most affordable flexible OLED on the market.

TCL Flex V is based on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G chipset, which was the most popular processor in mid-range smartphones in 2020. The device has a dual main camera that combines 48-megapixel and 16-megapixel sensors. A 44 megapixel sensor is used as a selfie module. The TCL Flex V is made in the same size as the more expensive Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3, but when folded the gap between the halves is not so noticeable which has a positive effect on the aesthetics.

As for the main screen, we only know that the foldable panel has an aspect ratio of 22: 9 and a resolution of 1080 × 2400 pixels. The refresh rate was not disclosed, but you can hardly expect a 120Hz LTPO panel from a foldable smartphone in this price range.

A 3545 mAh battery will be charged with autonomy. The sample shown at CES 2022 runs Android 11, but the final version will likely ship with Android 12.

TCL has yet to reveal the timing of the new product on the market, but promises that it will be the most affordable of the foldable smartphones.

TCL foldable smartphone

Foldable smartphone shipments will increase tenfold by 2023

According to the latest Foldable Smartphone Shipment Forecast from Counterpoint Research; shipments for 2021 will remain single digits at around 9 million units. However, this will still be 3x growth from 2020; with Samsung dominating with over 88% market share. By 2023, we forecast a 10-fold growth in foldable smartphone shipments. Even with more OEMs entering the foldable smartphone space, we expect Samsung to continue to lead with almost 75% of the market share. If Apple is on track to release its foldable smartphone by 2023, it won’t just be an inflection point in the spread of foldable smartphones; but also improve the performance and scale of components for the entire supply chain.

The upcoming Samsung Galaxy foldable smartphones are highly anticipated smartphones as they are expected to bring major improvements over their predecessors. “With a significant price drop, improved design and appearance; Samsung will likely target younger customers with the new foldable Flip smartphone. New Galaxy Z models will also benefit from S Pen support; which can help absorb existing Note users, ”said senior analyst Jene Park, who leads foldables research at Counterpoint.

The premium smartphone market in China will be of particular interest to Samsung. Thus, “Despite a negligible market share, Samsung can guarantee Huawei’s vacant place; and its success may contribute to the total shipping and sales volumes of its new foldables, ”Park added.

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