Sony’s Walkman music player anchors your smartphone like a cassette player, rekindling nostalgic memories

This cool Sony Walkman is a modern audio player that doubles as a digital detox gadget for audiophiles who keep staring at their screens.

Who can forget the nostalgia of rewinding the same song over and over again on the good ol ‘Walkman cassette player? It is something that every millennial as a child would identify with. Fast forward to the present day, and we have the smartphone that meets all of our music listening needs (unless you’re a die-hard audiophile) – having virtually all of the music in the world right at your fingertips. This has been the dramatic change in technology since the popularity of cassettes and cassette players in the late 1980s.

The analog side of gadgets has all but disappeared in modern times and the digital age has eclipsed the charm of most classic things. But analog is not a fad – rather a culture in perpetual bloom – and it’s been a fact proven for centuries when applied to any kind of field. Ja Heon Lee’s Smart Sound System (SSS) Walkman proves it, blending modern digital with old classic to satisfy the desire for music in a niche form factor. The Sony Walkman opens like any analog cassette player and connects the smartphone with the screen facing out. The information screen of the compatible music player app displays the music information through animation which resembles the appearance of a cassette tape.

In addition to the music player, there is the detachable multi-controller which acts as an interface to control music, take important calls or view lyrics on the fly. All this while your smartphone is comfortably seated inside the Walkman. It’s like a digital detox for all the time spent in front of the screen with a little added pleasure in seeing the music playing on the pseudo cassette player. It will surely take you to good places in your subconscious memory, rekindling the old days when less was more!

Creator: Ja Heon Lee

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