Sony’s London studio launches an online PS5 exclusive

Sony’s London studio is recruiting new talent to develop its next game, which it says will be an online PlayStation 5 exclusive.

According to a number of recent job vacancies posted by Sony’s London studio – which recently released Blood & Truth, a VR exclusive – the company is looking to assemble a new team to create an online PlayStation 5 game.

“We are building a team from the ground up for an upcoming PlayStation 5 online game,” read a statement from the studio’s Twitter account. “Newcomers will join at the perfect time to get involved in shaping our plans for a project that we are exceptionally passionate about!”

At this time, the studio has kept project details under wraps, but noted in a separate tweet that he “can’t wait to show the world” what he has in store. As part of an announcement for the position of lead character artist on the team, the developer states that an ideal candidate will help the studio “create a wide range of characters, skins, creatures, weapons and equipment”. However, since the description could be applied to a plethora of modern games, it offers little solid information.

While it doesn’t go into more gameplay details, the role’s post offers a number of additional clues about the scope of the game. Elsewhere in the description, it’s stated that the position offers a “unique opportunity in the life to be at the heart of the creation and realization of the next PlayStation icon(s)” and that the successful candidate will manage a range of AAA artistic content. .

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Sony London’s previous projects included PlayStation VR Worlds and Blood & Truth, two games developed for the PlayStation 4’s virtual reality headset. While many fans might have expected Sony London to continue its journey with the work on Sony’s upcoming PSVR 2, this new project may not be developed with that in mind. Among the studio’s many new job postings, there’s no mention of VR elements in any of them.

As Sony London continues to recruit for its next big project, recent reports have suggested that Firesprite – another of Sony’s UK studios known for developing VR games – is also turning its back on the VR scene. Following reports that developer Lucid Games is no longer working on Sony’s rumored Twisted Metal reboot, it has been suggested that development of the car-fighting series will be undertaken by the Liverpool-based studio.

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