Sony Yay sees ad revenue rebound with the start of the holiday season


Sony Yay, the children’s channel of Sony Pictures Network India, has started to see advertising revenues pick up with the start of the holiday season.

Speak exclusively with Activity area, Leena Dutta, Business Manager for Sony Pictures Network India, Genre Kids, said: “The recovery of our advertising revenue has been much better and in fact we are back with pre-pandemic advertising levels. , that is to say before March. 2021 Levels. We are seeing incredible traction from advertisers, at all levels, across the network and for Sony Yay. ”

In Wave 2, according to Dutta, Sony Yay’s advertisers halved the inventory level from what they are currently using. It was during the peak period of the second wave, when rural India was hit and consumer gamers cut back on their ad spending.

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Dutta reports that their ad inventory is pretty full at the moment, and she expects it to grow even more next month. In anticipation of this, Sony Yay is launching a new line of children’s content, in order to capitalize on the interests of advertisers. Usually, new launches are reserved for the summer months, where children consume more television during summer vacation. Sony Yay’s new lineup includes the introduction of the old classic, Oggy and the Cockroaches, to their platform. The launch also includes new shows like Haste Raho Henry, new episodes of Hunny Bunny Ka Jholmaal, new shows from Paap O Meter, as well as a Paap O Meter movie.

TV viewing model

With the end of the second wave of Covid, children’s television viewing habits are also returning to normal. Dutta noted that over the past week or two, the category has returned to pre-Covid levels from a consumption perspective. Prior to the onset of Covid, viewership in the children’s category for Sony hovered at 550 GRP (Gross Rating Points) which reached 700 GRP during the pandemic, and eventually dropped to 650 GRP. For some time over the past year, viewership has hovered around 600 GRP, although the channel has seen an ambiguous drop to 550 over the past week. Dutta believes there is still time before the consumption patterns of his channel, Sony Yay, return to normal. “Our primary population is made up of school-aged children in rural India, who have not yet fully returned to school for some time,” said Dutta. “Therefore, it will be a few months before an audience returns to pre-pandemic normal,” she added.

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