Sony stops credit card and Paypal payments for PS3, PS Vita

A reverend sits at the bedside of his sick neighbor, the sick Playstation Vita.  She spits and coughs, he watches with respect and attention.

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Sony has invented a new form of digital sabotage, which would be almost impressive if it weren’t so irritating. According to an article in the “Important Notices”From Sony support, the brilliant business minds of the Japanese giant have decided to stop credit card and Paypal payments for the PS3 and PS Vita on October 27, 2021. As a Vita stan enthusiast, I am scandalized.

To actually purchase video games on your video game device, you will need to go to a secondary location and purchase a physical gift card, which you can then use to purchase video games. You can also use the clunky wallet system to add funds through Sony’s website, or by adding funds to your PS4 or PS5 and then spending them on the PS3 or Vita. Either way, it’s extremely silly.

PS Vita was born to die, and deserved better. From the outside, one can often get the impression that Sony expected the Vita to print money on its own, and when the console failed to live up to this impossible standard, Sony does not. did not want to invest to support it. The indie scene, however, has rallied around the system, as it has also become the best place to play PS1 games, thanks to its portability and excellent emulation features. PS Vita is a great little guy, and he deserves your respect.

He also deserves better than what Sony gave him. The PS Vita and PS3 suffered very long deaths as Sony stripped their infrastructure piece by piece. The company was successfully harassed out of completely close stores, but this death by a thousand cuts is not much better.

Sony’s complete lack of interest in preserving games, and to keep games accessible to the people who bought the systems they run on, is deeply infuriating. The games industry has a short memory, made shorter by a constant focus on developing technology, and even shorter by publishers who have no interest in running their systems. I’ve written about the importance of libraries in preserving games before, and I’m going to use the fucking Sony as an opportunity to come back to my forum.

Go to your local library. If you haven’t been there for a while, you might be surprised to find that there are video games out there. These games can be rented for free, and they will often be accompanied by consoles. As companies do less to maintain even their own history, this burden will fall more on archivists and communities. Your local library is making gaming history accessible and affordable to a whole new generation of people. Support them when you can.

And if you haven’t done so recently, check it out on Papy PS Vita, he misses you. He probably has some old PS1 or PSP games that will be much better than they are allowed to be.

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