Sony releases first 10 minutes of Uncharted online

After more than a month in theaters, Sony is releasing the first ten minutes of the video game movie Uncharted, starring Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg.

Sony Pictures recently dropped the first ten minutes of the video game film adaptation Unexplored online for action-adventure and gamers ahead of its digital and home media release.

The clip begins with actor Tom Holland’s Nathan Drake hanging from a cargo plane about to crash in the desert – an adaptation of one of Naughty Dog’s most memorable and iconic sequences. Uncharted: The Drake Illusion. There’s air climbing, fighting, and a ton of other action before the film immerses viewers in Drake’s childhood and early life as a thief.

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Unexplored premiered in theaters on February 18 after a host of delays at every stage of the film’s development. As of this writing, the film has grossed $360 million worldwide on a budget of $120 million. Where critics largely dismissed the film as a big, silly video game flick, audiences largely enjoyed it, according to review aggregates such as Rotten Tomatoes.

Sony Pictures Motion Picture Group Chairman and CEO Tom Rothman said the film was a considerable success, saying, “With over $100 million at the box office worldwide in a single weekend. and a 90% positive Audience Score on Rotten Tomatoes, Uncharted is a new blockbuster franchise for the company.” His statements suggest the film may just be the first in a saga.

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The film is also notable for being one of the few Hollywood movies allowed to hit theaters in China so far this year. However, beyond the country’s borders in Southeast Asia, the film did not do well, in part because of its controversial inclusion of a map bearing the Nine Dash Line – a demarcation often pushed by Chinese authorities claiming areas across the South China Sea. recognized as territories belonging to neighboring nations.

Vi Kien Thanh, head of Vietnam’s film department, confirmed, “The film was banned from distribution after watching it and finding it contained an illegal image of the infamous nine-dash line.” Sony did not respond to the controversy.

Unexplored follows a young Nathan Drake as he is introduced to Victor “Sully” Sullivan. Together they embark on a journey to recover a treasure that was supposedly lost during Magellan’s travels. It’s a race to the finish as the two compete with ruthless billionaire Santiago Moncada and his mercenaries for treasure. On top of all this, Nate and Sully also uncover clues that could lead to Nate’s long-lost brother.

Unexplored is due out on digital on April 26 and on 4K UHD and Blu-ray on May 10.

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