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In a new commercial for the PlayStation video game console, Japanese tech company Sony brings its fictional characters to the Olympic Stadium in Kiev.

The 30-second commercial was shot by Ukrainian production company Radioaktive Film, previously known to have worked with Apple, Nike and Lenovo.

Sony first aired its ad on October 19 during a UEFA Champions League football match. PlayStation posted the video to its YouTube channel on November 2.

Entitled “Play Has No Limits,” the ad features famous characters from Sony video games helping out on the pitch as a soccer game unfolds. Players can spot Spartan warrior Kratos from “God of War”, Nathan Drake from “Uncharted”, hunter Aloy from “Horizon” and Ratchet and Clank from the eponymous game, who emerge from a dimensional rift on the field to save the injured footballer.

Radioaktive Film ran the ad in May, just before the refurbishment of the Olympic stadium field, Katya Halytska, the company’s executive producer, told online media Village Ukraine.

The Olympic Stadium is Ukraine’s largest sports arena located in downtown Kiev.

The hardest part of filming was finding a tall actor who could play the great warrior Kratos, Halytska said.

PlayStation has sponsored UEFA for 24 years, with its ads placed in stadiums and its ads shown on TV between matches.

In Ukraine, PlayStation is a well-known brand as the country’s largest electronics retailers such as Citrus, Foxtrot, Comfy and Rozetka sell its video games and consoles.

However, Ukrainians struggled to get their hands on the new PlayStation 5.

Official dealers in Ukraine sell the PS5 for almost $ 1,000, compared to $ 500-600 in the UK or US, so many Ukrainians can only afford to buy it from illegal dealers. who charge less.

Even those who could afford the PS5 had to search for the console as there were supply disruptions.

Since the release of the PS5 in July, Sony has sold 13.4 million. However, the supply is still not enough to meet the surprisingly high demand, which Sony cannot meet due to production issues due to the global shortage of microchips.

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