Smartphone Owners Asked About Their ‘Dream’ Phone Technology: ‘Drunk Text Filter’, ‘Shatterproof Screen’ Among Top Results


Smartphone technology has come a long way from the early days of the first iPhone and its contemporaries. But as usual, current smartphone owners will always want more.

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In a survey conducted by Tesco Mobile of smartphone owners in the UK, it was found that most people want these features, reports Express:

  • Universal Caller ID that will literally tell you who is calling

  • Indecipherable screens

  • Wireless charging from anywhere

  • Opportunity to get cheaper food and shopping items

  • Automatically reject price increases in telephone contracts

  • Automatically sort images and remove duplicates

  • Possibility to donate the remaining phone data as a charitable donation

  • A drunk text filter for those who are very comfortable with their phone while inebriated

  • Auto-lock social networks if you scroll too long

  • Option to FaceTime someone famous directly

In addition, the data collected by the survey also revealed a few other interesting points.

For example, only 39% of survey participants said they currently own the smartphone of their dreams. As for the rest, 71% say they don’t own their dream phone because of the high prices, and 16% say they can’t because they’re under contract.

The use of smartphones all over the world has increased dramatically in recent years. According to BankMyCell, today there are approximately 6.37 billion smartphones in the world. For perspective, the world’s population is estimated at 7.9 billion people.

In other words, over 80% of the world’s population owns a smartphone, and the numbers keep growing year by year.

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Which of these dreamy smartphone technologies is already here?

Many of the technologies presented in the Tesco survey already exist. Perhaps one of the most recent is wireless charging.

The world is trying more and more to unravel its cables and it shows. Brand new smartphone model from last year has been equipped with wireless charging technology, like the all new Apple iPhone 13, and possibly even its successor, the iPhone 14.

Wireless charging for smartphone

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Google is also in the hype, with its upcoming Pixel 6 Android phone rumored to have 23W wireless charging support, according to The edge.

Wireless charging technology has developed so much that in fact there is already an entire room that can wirelessly charge any Apple or Android smartphone, even laptops. When it comes to wireless charging literally anywhere, however, this technology still doesn’t exist – yet.

Indecipherable screens? Modern smartphone screens have certainly come close enough, but they can still be cracked with enough force. And since phones such as the OnePlus 10 Pro being “all screen” without pimples on the face it might be useful.

Finally, the drunken text filters. There isn’t any technology that can theoretically do a job like this, but maybe a hint of artificial intelligence can at least make drunk texts a little less coarse. However, that might not be a priority for smartphone designers these days.

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