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This is a weekly feature that showcases the top 10 funding rounds for the week in the United States. Check out last week’s entry here.

No $ 1 billion round this week, but US-based startups have managed to raise a few rounds of half a billion dollars or more, as investors remained drawn to self-driving cars, the production of cars. new and clean energy and fintech.

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1. Nuro, $ 600 million, self-driving cars: Self-driving car startup based in Mountain View, Calif., Nuro has raised $ 600 million Series D from investors, including Google and Global Tiger Management. New round of funding brings Nuro’s valuation to $ 8.6 billion, TechCrunch reported. Nuro designs a fleet of autonomous electric vehicles for transporting parcels. Google’s investment is remarkable because it includes a partnership with Google Cloud, which is important as it seeks to deploy its fleets. Founded in 2016, the company has now raised more than $ 2 billion, according to data from Crunchbase.

2. Helion Energy, $ 500 million, energy: Helion Energy, based in Everett, Wash., Raised $ 500 million in a Series E funding round led by Sam altman. The fusion energy startup will use the money to help complete the construction of Polaris, Helion’s seventh-generation fusion generator. The energy company seeks to produce low-cost 24-hour power generation with a zero carbon footprint. The funding includes an opportunity for an additional $ 1.7 billion related to the achievement of performance milestones.

3. Honey Book, $ 250 million, fintech: The independent market continues to grow and San Francisco-based HoneyBook closed a $ 250 million Series E funding round led by Global Tiger Management to help those who work there to better manage their work. The business platform helps both freelancers and independent business owners manage their customers, from their first interactions through to billing and payment. Since its inception in 2013, the company has grown $ 498 million, according to Crunchbase data.

4. Treasure data, $ 234 million, data analysis: Companies are looking for all the benefits they can get to improve the digital customer experience. Mountain View, Calif.-Based customer data platform Treasure Data closed $ 234 million investment led by SoftBank on the promise of that. The company’s platform leverages customer data in an attempt to generate the best possible experiences while protecting privacy.

5. Everlaw, $ 202 million, legal technology: Everlaw, the Oakland, Calif.-Based litigation platform, closed $ 202 million in a Series D led by TPG growth at a valuation of $ 2 billion. Everlaw has seen the total number of cases on its platform more than double since its $ 62 million Series C in March 2020. Legal technology companies have garnered increased investor interest this year, the COVID-19 pandemic that has forced more companies to adopt cloud-native technologies. . Founded in 2010, the company has raised just under $ 300 million to date, according to data from Crunchbase.

6. When I work, $ 200 million, productivity tool: Minneapolis-based When I Work, Providing a Platform for Hourly Workers and Their Employers to Share, Plan and Track Work Hours, Raised $ 200 Million in Funding Round growth supported by Bain Capital. Founded in 2010, the company has previously raised at least $ 24 million in known funding and is currently profitable.

7. IQ plate, $ 160 million, fintech: PlateIQ PlateIQ, based in San Francisco, has raised a Series B of $ 160 million.

8-10. We have a tie at four for the last three places this week, as a San Francisco-based fintech platform. Chipper Cash, a hotel platform based in San Diego Clouds, Los Angeles-based video game engine Mythical games, and senior assistance platform based in Miami Dad all of them raised $ 150 million.

Major world affairs

US-based startups topped the biggest rounds last week, taking the top six spots. However, two China-based startups have seen major funding rounds.

  • Starting autonomous driving Moment closed a $ 200 million round.
  • Sugar-free and low-calorie drink marker Genki Forest also closed a $ 200 million funding round.


We tracked the biggest rounds in the Crunchbase database that were raised by US-based companies for the seven-day period October 30 to November 5. Although most of the advertised laps are represented in the database, there might be a small time lag as some tours are posted on weekends.

Note: This story has been edited to reflect the $ 700 million deal from New York-based Digital Currency Group was a side offer, not a new fundraiser.

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