PS1 Xbox Series X design hurts the longer you look at it


An unofficial decal image from an Amazon product page shows an Xbox Series X designed to look like the original Sony PlayStation.

Unofficial decal art features the new Xbox x series console if it was redesigned to look like the original from Sony Playstation (the PlayStation 1). The unlikely fusion of revered Sony technology of the 1990s with modern Microsoft hardware evokes feelings that are deeply troubling to say the least.

After Sony’s failed attempt to work with Nintendo on creating a peripheral CD player for the Super Famicom in the early 1990s, the Japanese company continued to develop its own video game console for release in 1994. Even While the PlayStation (or PS1) was Sony’s first attempt to make and sell a proprietary home console, the PS1 has overtaken its two generational rivals, the Sega Saturn and the Nintendo 64. Many current gamers have embarked on the game. pastime thanks to the PS1, a now retro machine held in high regard by gamers around the world.

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A disturbing piece of art that attempts to incorporate ’90s nostalgia with modern gaming hardware has appeared on Reddit. The image shows Microsoft’s Xbox Series X machine, released in 2020, redesigned to mimic the look of Sony’s twenty-six-year-old PlayStation 1. Panda frosting posted the image to the r / gaming subreddit, with the appropriate description, “This abomination I found on Amazon. ”Further research reveals that the image is from one product page on Amazon by company Adventure games. Indeed, the design is for an actual decal (and two controller skins) sold for the Xbox Series X. The legitimacy of the skin, however, which uses Sony trademarks and copyrights, is suspect.

Comments below the post range from genuine admiration to pure disgust at the bizarre combination. While the X Series’ simple rectangular design makes it ideal for decals and skins, creating a PS1 skin for Sony’s latest home console, the PlayStation 5, would be more appropriate than its longtime competitor. . Fans who have a legacy with either of the two consoles may view the crossover as taboo, a sentiment reflected in the comments. Meanwhile, others have chosen to embrace eldritch creation. The comments are filled with users trying to name the mashup, with one user, ErrCode97, recommending “PlayBox X5. “

The PlayStation’s status as an original and successful 1990s console places it in high regard among retro fans, Sony fans, and the general gaming audience. At the same time, Xbox’s long-standing status as a direct competitor and rival to Sony rightly puts the two companies – and their gaming products – at odds in the minds of many. the Playstation decal for the Xbox x series represents a crossing of the game’s boundaries that fans could hardly ever imagine. It is an implausible union of antagonistic marks, as well as a point where the love of the old meets the progress of the new. Either that, or it’s a horrible, painful amalgamation of things that should never touch.

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Source: Panda Frosting / Reddit, Adventure Games / Amazon

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