Pozio Cradle keeps your phone from listening to you while you charge it

One device shown at CES 2022 that made some publications’ “weirdest things on the show” list is the Pozio Cradle. It is a “eavesdropping blocker” that wirelessly charges smartphones. It ensures that your gadget and its voice assistant cannot hear or record what you say, according to the company.

A news Release for a Pozio Kickstarter campaign was released in November 2021. The company told CES in early January that you can now place regular orders on its website and the products will be shipped in March.

Pozio Cradle: spying on your own phone?

As Pozio noted, smartphones listen to, record, store, and sometimes share users’ personal information. And it’s not just the built-in smart assistants, like Siri or Alexa. Mobile applications can also represent a point of exposure.

Of course, with iPhones and other devices, you can control what the microphone does regarding a voice assistant and various apps in Settings, but you might not want to make these adjustments frequently.

“Our smartphones are with us 24/7. If smartphones were a person, that person would hear our most sensitive conversations and know everything there is to know about us, including our finances, mental and physical health, relationship status, and more. If this sensitive information falls into the wrong hands, it could be problematic to say the least,” said Dave Nickel, CEO of Pozio. “We offer the world’s first wireless phone charger that stops our smartphones from bugging us until we want to.”

The company said Pozio products allow people to use smart devices but ensure that activities are not always monitored. He added that Pozio devices are secure and easy to set up, don’t require an internet connection, and never log or store user data.

Patented ‘eavesdropping technology’

Pozio said it uses “patented technology that works in the background to prevent always-listening microphones on smart devices from hearing private conversations.”

Simply place the Qi-enabled smartphone in the Pozio cradle to charge it. At the same time, the crib immediately begins to protect your privacy. It does this by emitting an inaudible tone that prevents the device’s microphone from “hearing” anything else, the company said.

When you want to interact with your smart device, just say “Pozio Stop”. This disables sound blocking for 30 seconds, allowing you to talk to your smart assistant.

The device never records your voice, Pozio said. It has no hard drive or internet connection, it does not store or share any personal information.

Pozio Cradle joins the company’s line of smart device privacy items. They include the Pozio Shield for smart speakers. The Cradle–Block costs $109. Cradle – Block & Talk, which adds voice-activated deactivation of the eavesdropping blocker, costs $119.

Price: $109 or $119 with voice command

Where to pre-order: Pozio

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