Oppo unveils 85-200mm optical zoom smartphone camera and new digital sensor array


Oppo has unveiled several exciting new features for its camera phones, including an 85-200mm continuous zoom lens. Unlike current conventional optical zoom options in smartphones, this continuous zoom lens will offer smooth transitions between all focal lengths, much like professional zoom lenses.

At Oppo’s future imaging event, Oppo unveiled an all-new type of zoom lens that offers smooth transitions between a wide range of focal lengths. The lens has a full frame equivalent focal length of 85mm to 200mm. While this may not sound as impressive as some of the superzoom lenses currently available in camera phones, this new zoom lens is actually quite remarkable.

Instead of using a combination of different cameras and digital zoom, the new Oppo camera lens is fully optical and works on a single sensor. This avoids having to switch between camera modules and ensures a smooth transition; without any abrupt change in white balance or field of view. The optical zoom look means that even at the longer end of the focal length, there is no loss of resolution and details will appear sharper than if you were using digital zoom.

Another major announcement is the new sensor network developed by Oppo. This new array of sensors features white pixels alongside the red, blue, and green pixel conventions. This was invented an RGBW sensor.

Adding white pixels means it can capture light more efficiently, reducing overall noise in an image. This is compared to conventional RGB pixels used by the majority of camera manufacturers.

Check out all of Oppo’s new announcements in the video linked above.

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