Oppo F21 Pro to use this Sony sensor in the selfie lens, launching next week

The Oppo F21 Pro will feature Sony’s flagship IMX709 RGBW selfie sensor which is 60% more sensitive to light and reduces noise by 35% compared to the previous generation IMX615 RGB sensor, the company announced today.

“It allows users to capture crisp, clear and evenly exposed photos. With OPPO’s Quadra Binning algorithm, two W pixels are added to each R, G and B pixel so that the sensor can detect red, green, blue and white signals. »

The Chinese smartphone maker said, “It increases light intake without reducing color information, improves cross-platform compatibility and image processing efficiency. OPPO’s imaging research and development team designed the IMX709 using the 22nm process to consume less power than any other flagship front camera image sensor.”

The F21 Pro also has an AI Portrait Enhancement feature that can differentiate moles from skin imperfections and identify subjects – based on ethnicity, gender and age – to offer personalized retouching. and natural face.

Oppo has introduced a 2MP micro lens on F21 Pro which will allow exploring textures, colors, shapes and sizes at a microscopic level. Oppo installed the microlens module on the back cover instead of mounting it on the motherboard. It also added a new orbital light around the micro lens for illumination, as the short focal length of this lens required the phone to be very close to photographed objects.

OPPO is also launching Enco Air2 Pro TWS alongside the F21 Pro series. It will feature a 12.4mm titanium diaphragm driver, wide sound fields, powerful bass, clear vocals and active noise cancellation.

The OPPO Enco Air2 Pro adopts a dual-layer transparent bubble design with a refractive top cover that adds a unique touch of translucent lightness.

OPPO will launch its OPPO F21 Pro and Enco Air2 Pro series on April 12.

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