Oppo and OnePlus face sweeping bans on smartphone sales following patent dispute with Nokia

Oppo and OnePlus have stopped selling their phones in Germany and may face similar issues in other EU countries

Over the years, patents and licensing fees have been at the heart of significant disputes among technology companies. The Sonos-Google battle is the perfect example. Certain features of the Nest and Home speakers violated Sonos patents. When the latter sued Google for licensing money, it removed the associated functionality altogether. Likewise, Oppo and OnePlus have now been forced to pull their phones from Germany after losing an appeal against a patent infringement lawsuit from networking giant Nokia, and there may be other markets to come.


The patent dispute between Nokia and Oppo concerns 4G technology and has been going on for several years. In early July, the Mannheim District Court issued an order in favor of Nokia (via WinFuture) and ordered the two parties to reach an agreement, failing which a sales ban would be imposed on Oppo’s phones. The two companies apparently failed to settle the case, leading the Munich 1 Regional Court to impose a ban on the sale of Oppo and OnePlus smartphones in the country from August 5.

When we contacted Oppo, a spokesperson said the issue stemmed from a 4G cross-licensing deal with Nokia, with the Finnish giant demanding unreasonably high license renewal fees and going to court a day after expiration. of the agreement.

Oppo has removed all mentions of its smartphones and related product listings from its german website. It did, however, release a statement confirming that existing Oppo users can continue to use their devices without any issues.

Q: Can I continue to use OPPO products without restrictions, access support and receive future updates?

A: Yes, you can continue to use your OPPO products without restrictions, access support and of course you will also receive all future updates.

Additionally, the company has confirmed that it has Wirtschaftswoche that it does not leave the German market completely. It will continue to sell other products like headphones and related accessories in the country. The OnePlus German store also no longer mentions its product line. You may be able to buy Oppo and OnePlus smartphones from third-party stores and retailers like Amazon right now, but that’s only while supplies last.

Oppo has confirmed to us that it is working with all parties involved to resolve the issue. The company is estimated to have 10% of the German smartphone market and ships around two million smartphones per year to the region.

Oppo and OnePlus are reportedly (via WinFuture) must pay €2.50 per smartphone sold as license fees. The problem is that the parties would have to enter into a worldwide license agreement to comply with German laws. They should pay license fees on smartphones sold worldwide, not just in Germany. It would be a costly affair, and Oppo/OnePlus might prefer to leave the German smartphone market altogether.

Besides Germany, Nokia sued Oppo, OnePlus and other BBK-owned companies like Realme and Vivo in France, Finland, Sweden, Spain, UK and the Netherlands over the patent dispute. . If the court rules in favor of the Finnish giant, it could end up getting a sales ban on all BBK-owned phones in major European countries.

Ironically, some Nokia phones made by HMD are no longer for sale in Germany after a similar patent dispute over VoLTE functionality.

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