OnePlus smartphones: OnePlus enters the foldable smartphone segment, the new phone will offer not two but three screens

Tech giant OnePlus spares no effort to put on its best show to conquer the market and beat the competition. While the smartphone marker has several products in the works and gears up for launch, the tech company is also working on a foldable phone.

The company had previously discussed the idea of ​​foldable phones, a possible move to beat rival Samsung and its Galaxy Z fold series, but nothing has been confirmed as of yet. However, according to a report by
LetsGoDigital, the company is working on a foldable smartphone that will offer not two but three screens!

OnePlus is reportedly gearing up to launch a tri-fold smartphone as the competition in the tech world grows tougher.

It is believed that the company has already filed the patent document for the smartphone in China in 2020 and was published in July 2021. It has now been included in the global patent repository, in the database of the World Office of intellectual property (WIPO).

According to the report, the device can be folded in different ways, providing options for more user applications of the device.

According to the parental image, this suggests that the smartphone will come with a “rotating turntable” that will allow the device to fold into a triangle.

Meanwhile, OnePlus has also started recruiting testers for the OxygenOS 12 closed beta update based on Android 12 of OnePlus 8, 8 Pro and 8T.

This is a short-term closed beta test (CBT), where participants will be required to sign a non-disclosure agreement. About two hundred people with an 8T will be invited, and 200 people with the 8 or 8 Pro will also be invited.

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