News Corp raises prices, BBC licensing fees, Kyle Sandilands

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Google misled publishers and advertisers, US lawsuit claims

Google has misled publishers and advertisers for years about its ad auction prices and processes, creating secret schemes that have deflated sales for some companies while raising prices for buyers, according to allegations and details recently. unredacted in a lawsuit filed by US state attorneys general, reports The Wall Street Journal.

Meanwhile, Google pocketed the difference between what it told publishers and advertisers an ad costs and used the pool of money to manipulate future auctions to expand its digital monopoly, the complaint says. newly unredacted.

The documents cite internal correspondence in which Google employees said some of these practices amounted to growing its business through “inside information.”

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Martin Sorrell teams up with friends to launch £110m venture capital fund

The Advertising Tycoon Mr. Martin Sorrel and investment guru Daniel Pinto are launching a venture capital fund with a former executive of WPP, the media group built by Sorrell, reports the London Sunday time.

Sorrel, Pinto and Sanja Partalo are looking for US$150m (£110m) to invest in start-ups. S4S Ventures will target the areas of advertising technology, data analytics, content development, monetization of the virtual reality “metaverse” and new digital media. Sorrell, 76, and Pinto, 55, are expected to invest up to a combined $15 million of their own money and serve on the investment committee. It will be led by Partalo, former head of strategic development at WPP.

Shares of S4 Capital, the digital ad services group Sorrell created after he was ousted from WPP over allegations of wrongdoing, have more than doubled in the past two years as ad spending by big companies has continued to migrate in line.

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Netflix raises subscription price in US and Canada

Netflix has increased the price of its monthly subscription plans in the United States and Canada, effective immediately for new subscribers starting Friday, reports The Hollywood Reporter.

In the US, subscribers to Netflix’s basic package, which allows one stream to one screen at a time and has no HD streaming, will now be charged US$9.99 per month, up from $8.99 previously. . Standard plans – which allow users to stream to two screens at the same time – now cost $15.49 per month, up from $13.99, while premium plans have increased to $19.99 per month.

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BBC licensing fees to be abolished in 2027: ‘It’s over for the BBC as it knows it’

BBC licensing fees will be abolished in the UK in 2027 and funding for the broadcaster will be frozen for the next two years, the UK government has said in an announcement that will force the company to close services and carry out new layoffs, reports The gardians Jim Waterson.

The British Culture Secretary, Nadine Dorries, is expected to confirm that the cost of an annual license, needed to watch live TV and access iPlayer services, will remain at £159 until 2024 before rising slightly over the following three years.

The decision, confirmed by government sources, was released to the media as part of a series of measures to build public support for Boris Johnson after being called upon to resign as Prime Minister.

the Mail on Sunday quoted a Dorries ally as saying: ‘There will be a lot of angst about how this will affect popular programs, but they can learn to reduce waste like any other business. This will be the BBC’s final license fee negotiation. Work will begin next week on a mid-term review to replace the charter with a new funding formula.

“It’s over for the BBC as it knows it.”

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News Brands

News Corp Australia raises price of newspaper coverage across Australia

Monday, January 17 is the day a range of News Corp newspapers will sell for higher prices.

Newspaper seller Marc Flecher last week details of the changes were shared on Effective Monday, January 17, 2022, the Monday through Friday cover price of the following publications will increase by 30 cents to $2.50:

Herald Sun, The Daily Telegraph, The Courier-Mail, The Advertiser, The Mercury, NT News, Geelong Advertiser, Gold Coast Bulletin, Townsville Bulletin, Cairns Post and The Chronicle.

To coincide with price increases, News Corp is offering discounted subscription packages. A note to readers of The Sunday Telegraph noted:

Special subscription offer for readers – for just $1 a day you’ll get both full digital access to The Daily Telegraph and home delivery of your favorite newspaper for the first six months.

Our special subscription offer is available to readers until February 7 and comes as the price of The Daily Telegraph’s weekday print coverage drops to $2.50 from Monday.

Prices for weekend print editions will remain the same.

Ai-Media to make changes after leak identified behind newsreader rant

Listed firm Ai-Media vows to ‘tighten controls’ after identifying employee responsible for leaking studio footage of 7 News Melbourne newsreaders mike love and Rebecca Maddern slamming tennis star Novak Djokovic, reports The Australianit is Matte Bell.

Video of the hosts punching Djokovic ahead of the 6 p.m. evening bulletin went viral on Tuesday night, in what Seven says was a “private conversation”.

Ai-Media released a statement on Friday saying it had identified an employee working remotely due to the Covid-19 outbreak as responsible for the “unauthorized distribution of content.”

“Appropriate action has been taken with respect to the responsible employee,” the company said.

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Alan Jones protege Jake Thrupp on plans for center-right online news channel

You may know Jake Thrup as a tanned and blonde assistant and producer and protected from the broadcaster Alan Jones, a role that, in Sydney at least, thrust him directly into the media spotlight (and in front of the paparazzi lens), reports The Sydney Morning Herald Michael Koziol.

Thrupp’s latest project is Jones’ latest venture Alan Jones straight to the people, a late-night internet TV show featuring Jones’ usual mix of interviews and commentary that debuted in December and is set to return in late February.

Jones is the outfit’s “inaugural broadcaster,” says Thrupp, but they plan to feature a full nightly lineup within a year. “We have our sights set on a few presenters and we hope to recruit others who have a trusted clientele. What we will do is we will empower them to say what they want, without being marginalized or anything. We just want a sensible, centre-right opinion.

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Radio ratings begin: Kyle Sandilands has big news on the first show in 2022

radio king Kyle Sandilands asked his girlfriend of two years, Tegan Kynaston, reports News Corp’s Briana Domjen.

The Sunday Telegraph reported that Sandilands knelt down earlier this month while at his holiday home in Port Douglas, where they had been on holiday for four weeks.

His manager Bruno Bouchet almost confirmed the news yesterday, saying Sandilands had some special news to announce on his KIIS FM show on Monday.

“It’s their news to break, not mine,” Bouchet said.

“But if you want to know, be sure to tune in to Kyle and Jackie O on Monday.”

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Sports media

AFL strikes $75m sponsorship deal with, first for women’s sport

The AFL has landed Australia’s first major cryptocurrency sports sponsorship in a groundbreaking deal with that will see the global company emerge as one of the main backers of the AFLW competition, reports the australian John Stensholt.

Attracted by what he says is above-average use of cryptocurrency by Australian women by global standards,’s AFLW deal is the first he has struck for a women’s sports competition in worldwide.’s deal with the AFL is estimated to be worth nearly $75 million over five years. That compares to the $18.5 million worth of the AFL’s existing major sponsorship with Toyota and lead Australian Open partner Kia, which is worth $85 million over five years.

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