New smartphone application now available from the Carencro police


I can’t be sure but I don’t think you can download the TV series theme song “COPS” on the new Carencro Police Department smartphone app, but apparently you can do just about anything else. The Carencro PD recently announced that it is offering a new smartphone app for residents who live in and around Carencro to download and use.

Almost any law enforcement person will tell you that the key to good policing in a community is communication between the service and the people it serves. Let’s face it, although we wish law enforcement officers could always be on the scene, they cannot, this is where community members become the eyes and ears of law enforcement officials. ‘order.

The addition of this new smartphone application should improve the relationship between Carencro residents and these agents who have sworn to protect and serve the community. Imagine a police force capable of leaning on 12,000 additional pairs of eyes and ears.

If you want to download the new Carencro PD app, you will find it in the usual places where you download apps for your devices. Apple users will go to the App Store. Those using Android operating systems will go to Google Play to download the app. It is suggested to search for Carencro Police Department LA.

Among the services that you will be able to access through the new application of the Carencro Police Department are the possibility of paying a fine, the possibility of giving a tip on an ongoing investigation or an ongoing incident and the possibility of consulting the list of services. the most sought after in the service. .

Residents who download the app will also be able to find a comprehensive staff directory, get vehicle accident reports, view court dates, and even apply for employment in the force. Of course, the new app will also facilitate contact with the police in Carencro.

Carencro PD officials hope the new app will allow better communication between the community and the department. Which will hopefully lead to more effective and efficient law enforcement for the citizens of Carencro.

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