NEC and Netrcracker Deploy 5G Kernel and Full Stack Digital OSS / BSS on Amazon Web Services, Telecom News, ET Telecom


NEW DELHI: NEC Corporation and its wholly owned subsidiary, Netcracker, announced Thursday that they have deployed core and comprehensive 5G digital OSS / BSS systems on Amazon Web Services (AWS) to orchestrate and automate 5G digital services.

NEC said it has deployed its 5G Core control plane to an AWS Region and its 5G UPF to a peripheral location of AWS Outposts.

According to an official statement, the edge location is connected to the local AWS zone where the applications are hosted, and 5G services and network slices can be ordered on demand from Netcracker’s digital marketplace, and its orchestration systems. can dynamically allocate 5G workloads and applications in the appropriate AWS local zone.

“This configuration guarantees the very low latency and very high data capacity required for services such as interactive multimedia traffic,” the statement added.

NEC and Netcracker said they have the ability to run their applications in private or public cloud environments, including on-premises, edge or centralized. They can also use technologies such as network slicing, multi-access edge computing (MEC), and user-plane control separation (CUPS) that will allow telecom operators to create new B2X services.

NEC’s 5G kernel was instantiated using Netcracker’s Core Domain Orchestration solution. The solution provides an end-to-end network overview for services and slices in the RAN, transport and backbone domains. It also monitors consumption, triggers dynamic scaling and repair, and enforces a closed-loop control policy.

Additionally, additional UPF instances can be launched on AWS outposts and more bandwidth can be allocated in the transport network.

“NEC has deployed its 4G and 5G mobile base solution on AWS for the commercial services of several service providers in Japan. Our Core and its associated orchestration products enable us to deliver sophisticated features, such as end-to-end slicing, ultra-low latency, and multi-cloud deployment options, which are critical to realizing the promises of monetization. 5G, ”said Patrick Lopez, Global Vice President of Product Management, 5G Products, NEC.

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