Millions of users use the KFH Quran app on smart phones


The Holy Quran application, launched by Kuwait Finance House (KFH) on iPhone, Android and iPads, is presented as an added value which deepens the identity of the organization and contributes to the dissemination of the holy book of Allah. In addition, it provides an easy memorization and recitation process of the “Quran” and highlights the meanings and interpretations of the verses. The app has reached unprecedented and huge demand around the world.

Millions of people are using the app which has recorded the highest download rate among similar apps. KFH is the first local and regional bank to make this application available to smartphone users.

The KFH “Quran” app includes several advantages that have made it the focus. The application presents the Quran in different colors which would allow the reader to read and recite the entire Quran easily. The application offers the possibility to refer to the interpretation or translation of any of the verses of the Quran instantly. In addition, it offers a night reading benefit and a report on the sequence of pages read and reading time. The app contains the benefit of searching for verses at the text level, in addition to several other benefits that make reading easy and easy.

For Android devices, the application provides other additional functions, for example voice recitation by adding the best and most famous reciters from the Arab world, interpretation of “Al-Jalalain” verses, digital search function , highlighting the required words in different colors, quick search of the required page, verse, sura, chapter or volume; easy page tracking to fit different screens on Android devices, quick navigation for verse interpretations, application continuity when transferring to another application on Android devices, ability to choose comfortable colors according to technology modern and provide the user with a report on the number of pages read or completed.

KFH is always keen to develop and update all the various applications and programs on smart phones including the application of the Holy Quran to the highest technological standards. New additions to the app include support for Madina’s new Quran text and adding side margins to improve content, display more than one page on screen, compatibility to run with another application on the screen, several different interpretations, reading night and other advantages which confirm the pioneering position of KFH in this technological field and the offer of modern products and services.

The application of the Holy Quran is one of the contributions by which KFH aims to glorify, disseminate and present the holy book of Allah for viewing, reading, memorizing and recitation around the world considering the main technological developments that the world is witnessing. KFH organizes annually and individually, at the local level, the KFH Recitation Competition during the holy month of Ramadan for clients of the “Baiti” and “Hesabi” categories. In this regard, the KFH coordinates with specialist judges to implement the assessment standards in a very transparent and professional manner. KFH awards valuable prizes to the winners in the children and youth categories (under 25) in accordance with applicable rules and regulations.

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