Miami-based entrepreneur Andre Salgadi launches new tech company, Journalshow

Journalshow is a social network that gives users the experience to connect and build, while advertising what’s important to them.

March 21, 2022 – Andre Salgadi launched a new technology company named Journalshow. The President of Salgadi – a design and media conglomerate focused on delivering great stories as well as unique companies that provide solutions.

The new technology company, Journalshow, is a social network that offers users the experience to connect and build. Comprised of various complementary sub-services, Journalshow provides an abundance of products and services that enhance users’ lives and businesses.

Whether it’s keeping in touch with family or starting their own business, Journalshow’s platform allows users to advertise and promote what’s important to them in a fun and productive way.

Journalview links,, allows users to share their social media profiles and business links with their followers. Using the platform’s tools, users will be able to easily create unique and highly customizable bio link pages, with custom colors and branding, multiple out-of-the-box components, and protection. by password and a warning for sensitive content. Other platform features include built-in analytics and a comprehensive QR code generation system with easy-to-use templates.

Journalshow Websites, Websites.journalshow.comoffers users premium web development and hosting services, complete with the most flexible payment plan in the industry.

Journalshow Workflow, Workflow.journalshow.comwill be able to leverage the platform’s HR, CRM and project management systems to organize projects seamlessly, build self-driving teams, manage clients and increase profitability.

As an entrepreneur, Andre Salgadi enjoys providing innovative solutions that will dramatically increase business efficiency and help other entrepreneurs like him with the right tools to achieve their goals.

Anyone wishing to get more information about Andre Salgadi, as well as his amazing business solutions, can visit the website listed in the contact details below.

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