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PRESS RELEASE. Clesson, the operating company behind OPENTRACK and LABEL Foundation, has formally established a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with CJ Entertainment and Media. The new collaboration has the potential to benefit both parties involved, as CJ Entertainment & Media is essentially an entertainment and mass media organization founded by the CJ Group, which is one of the major South Korean conglomerates.

What is there to know?

Joining Clesson is Hen, the composer of the Netflix series ‘My release notes‘. Hen is from O’PEN CJ Entertainment & Media is said to have joined LABEL Foundation’s operating company after Clesson successfully enlisted the famed composer’s services in the collaboration, much to everyone’s delight, as Hen has performed in a number of South Korean music. projects and is also well known for creating the soundtrack for the aforementioned Netflix series.

Clesson is also the primary operating company behind OPENTRACK, which is at the center of Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 online music education. With this in mind, Clesson will work alongside CJ ENM to successfully integrate “O’PEN Music” artists into “OPENTRACK Music,” bringing them into the respective LABEL Foundation ecosystem.

Important partnership details

The strategic collaboration will begin with the creation of an OPENTRACK music course which will be taught by Hen. Additionally, OPENTRACK will be in charge of the production and content of the MasterClass, while Hen will be responsible for showcasing his creative songwriting process for K-dramas and movies, which also includes composing songs. a melody, selecting the chord progression, and preserving the quality of the song.

Additionally, with the integration of artists CJ ENM O’PEN, the new collaboration will pave the way for beneficial and continued synergistic growth for both companies. Many believe that the CJ ENM network has enormous possibilities for creating MasterClasses with OPENTRACK, which also sparked interesting discussions about future cooperation with the LABEL Foundation.

About the LABEL Foundation

LABEL Foundation is a blockchain-oriented NFT copyright sharing platform that features an incubation system to support the investment, distribution and promotion processes to dissolve significant barriers to the production and investment of contemporary content as well as deconstructing the skewed profit distribution structure that currently exists in this industry.

He uses the $LBL native token, which is an Ethereum-based governance and utility token that can be used to power the expansion of the LABEL ecosystem in a variety of ways. The token is therefore primarily used to establish the fundamental token economy of the platform by functioning as a governance, staking and payment unit.

Cleson and OPENTRACKregarded as a systematic and practical music education enterprise in South Korea, therefore joined LABEL and has more than 200 professional teachers in Korea and 25 top musicians from 7 major nations around the world.

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