Japanese company launches functional protective clothing for robotic arms


A Japanese company on Thursday released its first range of functional protective covers for robotic arms, with the aim of giving PLCs more personality and brightening up the work environments where they are deployed.

The range of high-performance protective clothing from Robo-Uni, a brand created by Fukuoka-based Rocket Road Co., is the first in Japan to be certified by Danish manufacturer Universal Robots A / S as an official device for its e cobots series – collaborative robots designed to work alongside humans.

Robo-Uni protective clothing certified by Danish manufacturer Universal Robots A / S as peripherals for its robotic arms. (Photo courtesy of Rocket Road Co.) (Kyodo)

Founded in 2005 by three university students in Denmark, Universal Robots is a leading manufacturer of industrial cobots which are used to help with tasks such as assembly, painting, screwing, labeling, packaging, polishing, injection molding and welding.

Robo-Uni’s stylish garments, available in over 40 different colors, are specially designed to fit robotic arms as they work in harsh work environments. Customers can also choose between dustproof, antibacterial, water repellent or heat resistant material.

“I have high expectations that (wear and tear) will help transform robots, long considered inorganic, into a more familiar collaborative presence,” Tsuyoshi Yamane, general manager of Universal Robots Japan, said in a press release. .

Rocket Road has been dedicated to creating specialty clothing for communication robots since 2016 and has worked with over 20 robot manufacturers including SoftBank Robotics Corp., Sony Corp. and Sharp Corp., to design uniforms for their designs.

The company also operates Romotto, an online service that allows customers to rent small communication robots for personal and business use.

Rocket Road founder and CEO Yukinori Izumi, who is keen to continue growing his business, said there are plans to cater to international buyers of robot clothes in the future.

“We look forward to helping create a comfortable environment where UR robots and people can work together with our Robo-Uni protective clothing,” he said.

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