Is your smartphone the victim of a virus? Learn here the very easy way to detect the virus

Smartphone viruses: Nowadays, almost everyone uses a smartphone. Smartphones make many of our tasks easier. It has many advantages but there are pros and cons. These damages include viruses and smartphone hacking. Hackers can steal your important data through your smartphone. In addition, you can also access your bank account and empty it. Today we are going to tell you such an easy way to find out whether your phone is infected with a virus or not.

Spyware apps are quite common these days. Viruses get into users’ smartphones from these apps and the user doesn’t even know about it. These spyware keep stealing user data through phone apps. This data can include passwords, personal photos and bank details, everything. TechCrunch recently found a cache file containing information about several Android devices and a spyware network named TheTruthSpy.

Spyware has many names

TheTruthSpy network includes spyware apps such as TheSpyApp, ExactSpy, GuestSpy, Copy9, MxSpy, iSpyoo, SecondClone and FoneTracker. All of them do the job of flying under different names. Smartphone IMEI numbers or their unique advertising IDs are stolen from these apps.

an easy way to check the virus

Now let us tell you how you can check whether spyware has entered your smartphone or not. Do it from your phone or computer Go to page. Here you will get the IMEI and Ads ID option and you have to enter the IMEI or Ads ID number of your phone.

After that, if you see that there is a change in the ads id of your phone, it means that a virus has entered your phone. If “probable match” is written on the phone, it means that the phone is included in the virus list, but it does not contain much of your data. While checking if you see “No Match” on the screen, it means your phone is completely safe.

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