Iconic glass company Meyer Optik Görlitz returns (for real this time)


It doesn’t matter how famous you are or how successful you are in the past. Even the biggest brands in the world can quickly go bankrupt if the economic tide turns against them, or if they simply don’t run their business well.

From Kodak to General Motors, history is littered with examples. And in 2015, they were joined by iconic German lens maker Meyer Optik Görlitz.

Founded in 1896 by optician Hugo Meyer, the firm made a name for itself in the 1920s for its high-quality glasses, including the Prota, Planar and Tessar ranges. In 1936, it was producing 100,000 lenses a year.

Things started to deteriorate towards the turn of the century, with the liquidation of Meyer Optik Görlitz in 1990.

Kickstarter disaster

The brand came back to life in 2014 when it was acquired by Net SE. The following year, she launched a Kickstarter campaign to produce the Trioplan f2.9 / 50 lens.

However, despite raising $ 683,801, no goal was ever produced, backers lost all of their money and owners filed for bankruptcy in 2018. This catastrophic chapter has tarnished a once-respected brand tremendously, and many thought that Meyer Optik Görlitz would never get over it.

So will its rebirth for 2021, its 125th anniversary, just be the same?

(Image credit: Meyer Optik Görlitz)

A “real business” once again

The new management is trying to emphasize that things will be different this time around. In a press release, they explain that instead of being “just a brand”, Meyer Optik Görlitz is now “a real company again”.

In other words, it will now operate as an independent company, under the aegis of its parent company, the German conglomerate OPC Optics.

“After almost three years of hard and intensive work, we are very happy to have laid the foundations for an independent Meyer Optik Görlitz GmbH and to be able to set it up,” says Timo Heinze, its Managing Director.

“After we, under the umbrella of OPC Optics, have developed the brand portfolio and established sales structures, now is the time for Meyer Optik Görlitz to step out of the shadows as a ‘real’ company. and operate independently in the market. “

New Goals Coming

So what does this mean in concrete terms for photographers? Well, Meyer Optik Görlitz will launch the Trioplan 35 II, Biotar 58 II and Biotar 75 II lenses in the fourth quarter of 2021, and promises to further expand the portfolio with classic models.

More new products are already in the works, he says, so more launches can be expected in 2022. We can’t wait to see what the brand will come up with and we’ll keep you posted once we get our hands on them. . .

In the meantime, Meyer Optik Görlitz already sells on its website four lenses that were launched before its split as an independent company: the Lydith 30 f3.5 II, the Trioplan 100 f2.8 II, the Trioplan 50 f2.8 II and Primoplan 75 f1.9 II, for around € 899 to 999 each (around $ 1,062 to $ 1,180 / £ 763 to 848 / AU $ 1,436 to 1,596) for Canon EF, Nikon F, Sony E, Fujifilm X, Micro Four Thirds, L -Mount, Leica M and Pentax K mount.

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