ICC Media Rights Auction: Viacom and Sony Ask ICC for E-AUCTION: Check DETAILS

ICC Media Rights Auction – ICC Media Rights Tender: The deadline for submitting bids for ICC Media Rights is in one month.…

ICC Media Rights Auction – ICC Media Rights Tender: The deadline for submitting bids for ICC Media Rights is in one month. ICC has asked potential bidders to submit their BIDS via a SEALED envelope by August 22. But after Sony, Viacom 18 also lifted RED-FLAG on the bidding process. According to Viacom and some other bidders, the system adopted for the auction is totally non-transparent: Follow live updates from the ICC MEDIA Rights Auction with InsideSport.IN

It should be noted that Viacom18 recently won the IPL Digital Rights portfolio. They are now seen as one of the main contenders for ICC rights. But the Reliance-backed company isn’t too happy with the bidding process. Viacom required ICC to use BCCI’s electronic auction model.

According to reports, Viacom18 wrote an official letter to ICC on Friday in this regard.

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ICC Media Rights Auction: E-AUCTION demand surges, after Sony sends letter to ICC viacom18 complaining of ‘non-transparency in auction process’: Follow LIVE UPDATES

Electronic on-demand auction Viacom18: Cricbuzz reported that the letter was written to ICC Commercial Director Anurag Dahiya. Viacom asked the ICC to clarify on what basis the winner will be decided if there are offers for four and eight years.

More specifically, he wanted to know the method of coefficients to be used to determine the highest value of the stakes at four and eight years.

Hint 1: Like Sony, Viacom18 asked ICC to deploy an electronic auction process for the tender.

Hint 2: If electronic bidding is not feasible, a simple closed process system should be used.

Hint 3: Financial bids must be opened in the presence of all participants and winner declared immediately.

The ICC, according to the report, declined to comment stating, “It’s ultimately a matter between the ICC and the bidders.”

“BCCI showed how to conduct a call for tenders. The IPL tender was so transparent. Vis-à-vis the ICC still follows the old school, the process lacks transparency. They expect billions of dollars but still want to follow the old rules”representative for one of the potential broadcasters had earlier told InsideSport.

ICC Media Rights Bidding Process

  • Submission of tenders: Tenders must be submitted on August 22 in a sealed envelope.
  • Opening of tenders: Tenders will be opened on August 26 in Dubai (the last time they were opened in London).
  • ICC will then negotiate individually with bidders
  • According to the ICC, successful bidders will be announced in early September.
  • Bidders have raised FLAG on the closed bidding process as they believe it lacks transparency.

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ICC media rights auction: ICC struggling as major broadcasters ‘upset’ over ‘lack of transparency’ in bidding process: follow LIVE UPDATES

ICC Media Rights Tender – Why are bidders upset? Now, according to a report by ET, Sony Sports Network has sent a letter to ICC regarding the LACK OF TRANSPARENCY issue.

The newspaper reported that most potential bidders are unhappy on four counts.

  • Problem 1: Use of sealed envelope auctions rather than electronic auctions
  • Problem 2: Three-Week Gap Between Bid Submission and Winner Announcement
  • Issue 3: Lack of clarity on the multiplier formula for four-year rights versus eight-year rights
  • Issue 4: Requesting a 5% down payment

ICC Media Rights Tender: The ICC launched the 2024-31 cycle tender for Indian Territory on June 20. The call for tenders is conducted for periods of four and eight years.

Interested parties must submit a bid for four years with the possibility of filing a complaint for eight years as well. One can bid for TV rights and digital rights separately, as well as place a composite bid for both rights.

Bids must be submitted on August 22 and will open on August 26 in Dubai. The ICC said successful bidders will be announced in early September. The country’s four major broadcasters, namely DisneyStar, SPN, Zee Entertainment Enterprises (ZEE) and Viacom18, are expected to bid for the rights. According to information available from InsideSport, all 4 have purchased the tender documents.

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