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Since the 1970s I have been a customer of Yorkshire Bank which three years ago merged with Virgin Money. A few weeks ago I started getting letters from Virgin Money telling me about an “exciting new credit card app”. Since I don’t have a smartphone and use my laptop for online banking, I didn’t think this applied to me. However, when I recently tried to transfer money from my checking account to my credit card account, it disappeared. The bank told me that my credit card could only be managed by the “exciting new credit card app”. At no point in our correspondence was it mentioned that this would be the case for a laptop user.
BC, Ilkley, West Yorkshire

Virgin Money’s decision comes down to money. Or, in his own words, to “focus our development resources” on “customer preference.” Maintaining a secure website and app is expensive, and if banks decide they can cut their budget and dress it up as an upgrade, they’re unlikely to be responsive to the minority of customers. who are disconnected.

Virgin argues that only a “small percentage” of customers relied solely on the non-mobile online service and directs them to the online chat feature for “basic” inquiries. Basic requests do not include payment, however, for which you will now need to call the contact center. Customers who have smartphones and have used Virgin’s existing app to manage their accounts have expressed displeasure after discovering that their credit card accounts have also disappeared from it.

To make its service “faster and easier”, Virgin has separated the new credit card app from the general banking app, so customers now need to download both apps and set up direct debit or register their debit card. credit and their current account as beneficiaries. , to transfer funds between them. Campaigners have warned that advances in technology, which make banking more convenient for the majority, may exclude older and poorer people who don’t want or can’t afford up-to-date smartphones.

“Virgin’s decision to only allow digital access via smartphones is going too far, too fast,” says James Daley of Fairer Finance. “It should retain its online banking systems for those who still rely on them and only shut down old processes when it can confidently say that all customers are now supported.”

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