How long does a smartphone last?


When you buy a smartphone, you look at the specifications. What do I need, what can the device do and how much does it cost? What many consumers overlook is the lifespan of the phone and not always that of the device. This is approximately the lifespan of the smartphone.

The life of the smartphone

There are a lot of things you can do on your own to make sure your phone lasts a long time. Some people even put their phones in a towel to make sure they don’t get scratched. Most people put a cover or case on their smartphone to reduce the risk of the screen shattering if dropped.

Plus, you can use your battery economically by not constantly putting the device in the charger and making sure you don’t always go from 0% to 100 but sometimes overcharge your battery. So there is something you can do about how long your smartphone is used, but after a few years your phone’s battery will almost certainly last less than when it started.

When do devices give up?

A lithium-ion smartphone battery has only a maximum number of life cycles and the longer you use the phone, the battery can wear down to the point that your phone is unusable. When that time comes, it will often depend on your usage and charging habits.

The battery can be irreparably damaged after three years in the worst case, but there are also cases where the five-year-old phone still goes through the day smoothly. In this article We offer tips on how to be smart with your battery.

Another thing that determines the age of your phone is how you manage storage. Once your memory is full, your phone may slow down, leaving no room for software and app updates. You will soon notice that your phone is in some sort of degrading process. In this article We explain how you can help your phone click on it.

Phone updates

The phone needs regular software updates to ensure that it keeps pace with innovations in applications. In addition, security updates are essential to ensure that you continue to use your smartphone safely on your own. It’s up to the manufacturers to provide these types of updates and there is a big difference.

One manufacturer promises to continue supporting the smartphone for years to come, while the other makes much less effort. Samsung chose to make phones For four years Provide security updates and OnePlus does the same for its pioneer. In addition, there are brands such as xiaomi use Oppo who have provided their smartphones with new fixes for three years.

5 years of support?

However, Android makers still need to update their smartphones for at least two years, with quarterly fixes, in line with industry standards. Although EU policymakers are working on a law that would force manufacturers to sell smartphones for five years in order to support. It’s even authorized by the German government Be seven years old.

How long does a smartphone last?

If these security updates also stop, you probably won’t get a virus on your smartphone overnight. However, hackers will work hard to find a weak spot, so after a few months your phone will become less and less secure day by day. If you’d rather not risk your smartphone becoming unsafe after two years, it’s best to choose a smartphone manufacturer that offers longer warranties.

second life

Has your phone run out of battery after a few years and no longer receives security updates? Maybe it’s time for a new phone? Before buying a new smartphone, it is best to seek advice from Full Androidworld Reviews. This doesn’t mean that your old phone is therefore worthless by definition. You can safely use it for something else. To concern These eight tips. Plus, your old phone often has trade-in value with your service provider, or directly with the manufacturer if you’ve purchased a new phone.

According to the AW poll that we repeat regularly, the smartphones of Androidworld readers bigger and longer. How long have you been using your phone and how long do you expect to use it? Let us know in the comments at the bottom of this article.

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