Hopes and dreams of CES: stealing Autel Nano and Lite, Skydio, Sony and Paris Hilton?

CES 2022 is back in person this year (at least for now), and we hope to see some great new gadgets on display and share them with you. Yifei and Seth discussed what they’ve been looking forward to in the latest DroneDJ video on our YouTube channel.

Useful with the new Nano and Lite drones from Autel

Autel will present its new line of Nano and Lite drones at CES this year. These new drones will be available for flight tests at the company’s booth this year. While we were hoping they would already be available for pre-order, we can at least give you our take on the new drones before we put the $ 650 to $ 1,000 on one.

Skydio announces something?

Skydio is the interesting company coming to CES this year. The company hasn’t announced any new products, so what we’ll see at the Skydio booth is unknown. Our theory is that there could be a new drone in the works. The Skydio 2 came out two years ago, and the first Skydio drone two years ago, which would make the Skydio 3 due for an announcement; However, COVID-19 and now chip and supply chain shortages could have delayed any development. The only way to find out what they’re up to is to visit their booth in January, so stay tuned.

Hopefully Sony’s booth will showcase its Airpeak drone

One of the bigger drones announced this year was Sony’s Airpeak. The drone focused on professional filmmakers is a first for the company and is expected to ship to customers already. However, we haven’t seen or heard much about his abilities. Sony is a featured exhibitor at the show this year, so a strong presence is expected. Hopefully, alongside its mirrorless cameras and countless other products, Sony will publicly show off its Airpeak drone for the first time. Even if they don’t, hopefully someone can tell us about some of the missing specs that we want.

WTF does Paris Hilton at CES?

Okay, so for fun we scoured the speakers page on the CES website – filled with a sea of ​​industry leaders and innovators, he was someone we weren’t sure about. weren’t expecting, Paris Hilton. Apparently, Hilton is getting her feet wet with cryptocurrencies and will be part of a talk titled “NFT, WTF !?” So if you’re still planning on attending CES this year and maybe want to learn a little more about the world of NFTs from the social media queen herself, this is for you.

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