Here’s how to enjoy AAA quality games on your Android smartphone


Now you can enjoy full AAA quality video games such as: Far cry 6 Of you Android-Phone or tablet powered. This is achieved by the following premium cloud gaming services. NVIDIA GeForce now. Fortunately, you don’t need a high end gaming device to play AAA games like Far Cry 6. In fact, you can play from your mobile phone.

Far Cry 6 is the latest entry in Ubisoft’s famous series. Without a doubt, the Far Cry series named him by creating an unforgettable villain, and the Far Cry 6 are all set to continue this trend. The main villains of the game are Anton Castillo, the ruler of Yarra, a tropical island.

GeForce NOW, unlike other services, is made up of a general library of PC games from services such as: Epic games store, Old, flux..For a compatible game like Far Cry 6, for example, you can purchase it completely Ubisoft Available by logging in or via an Ubisoft + subscription. You can use any of these options to access Far Cry 6 through GeForce NOW.

Buying a console or gaming PC can be expensive and difficult, as the chip shortage is unlikely to be resolved immediately. Fortunately, all you need to experience the latest AAA games is a smartphone running Android and a good internet connection. Owning a USB or Bluetooth controller is also a great idea.

To start playing AAA games on your Android phone, you must first install the GeForce NOW app from. Google play store Connect to NVIDIA Account.

You can now link your NVIDIA account to different marketplaces. This allows the app to know the entire game library. You can now start playing by simply selecting a game. With a free GeForce NOW subscription, you can experience how cloud gaming works at your favorite gaming location at home.

For the best gaming experience, you need a speed of at least 25 Mbps while streaming.

You can also enjoy free AAA games like Destiny 2 through GeForce NOW and check your connections before paying for streaming or game purchases. If you find that your cloud game will perform well on your connection, you can upgrade to a GeForce NOW priority subscription for faster server access, improved graphics, and smoother play intervals.

GeForce NOW is accessible on Android, iOS and Windows tablets and can also be read directly from the Chrome browser.

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