Glass smartphone case maker Schott unveils Xensation Alpha


The smartphone screen is the component most susceptible to damage, which is why most manufacturers use some form of glass protection on the front and back. There is another option entering the market called Xensation Alpha from German manufacturer Schott, which is making some bold claims.

What is Xensation Alpha? How is it different from other competitors in the market?

Schott describes Xensation Alpha as “a chemically reinforced lithium alumino-borosilicate (LABS) protective glass”. Schott believes it can compete with the best smartphone protective glass available today and, in fact, outperforms most of them.

With most chemically reinforced glass, the strength is increased due to the post-production chemical process. It should be noted that borosilicate glass is actually used in various industries, including the storage of the covid-19 vaccine.

But what does this new type of glass really mean for users? Well, according to the company’s claims, a phone with the Xensation Alpha glass on top is less likely to end up with a cracked screen, even if it falls on a rough surface.

Dr Lutz Klippe, head of the Cover Glass product group at Schott, told via email that Xensation Alpha outperforms current lithium aluminosilicate (LAS) cover glasses by up to 100% when it comes to declining performance, which is a big problem. Claim. It is also less susceptible to scratches, thanks to the different process that was used to create it.

“This is of immense importance to the end user, who wants a lens that can survive everyday activities and accidental drops and scratches. We are addressing a large market and have seen great interest from several major brands in the sector, ”he added.

The company claims that Xensation Alpha can survive drops up to twice the height and shows dramatically improved scratch performance. Klippe noted that what also makes Xensation Alpha a great alternative in the market is its strong performance, which maintains its integrity regardless of the shape of the glass, whether curved or flat.

Which phones will use the Xensation Alpha protective glass?

Schott’s existing Xensation Up glass already protects the Vivo X60 Pro and X70 Pro, as well as the Oppo Watch and Honor Play 5. The new Alpha version can be used as both front and back cover glass on smartphones. However, these glasses will most likely end up being used on smartwatches and tablets. Meanwhile, Vivo’s next generation of upcoming flagship phones will be the first to feature the new Xensation Alpha protective glass.

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