GameStop, PlayStation Direct, Antonline, Walmart and more set to release this week – December 13-19

If you’re looking for a PS5 restock before Christmas, we’ve got your eyes on a number of drops between December 13-19.

It’s the holiday season and gamers are always on the lookout for next-gen consoles. On the contrary, demand is currently so high that the last year of console hunting looks relatively relaxed.

With only a limited number of restockings by Christmas, you’ll need to be on the spot this week. Fortunately, we are aware of a number of potential PS5 restocking events that will take place between December 13th and 19th.

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All PS5 restocking – December 13-19

GameStop PS5 restocking

GameStop PS5 restocking

GameStop PS5 restock date: December 17th (and maybe earlier this week too!)

This retailer is definitely the one to watch out for when it comes to a PS5 restock this week. Not only do we have new PS5 packs appearing on the GameStop site – a sure sign of a drop to come, but there would be another in-store restocking underway.

According to replenishment tracking Matt swider, a number of GameStop stores will have an in-person PS5 restock on December 17th. In the past, we’ve seen huge queues outside of GameStop for PS5 restockings, and this week will be no different!

Make sure to arrive early if you want to take advantage of the last store restocking before Christmas.

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PlayStation Direct PS5 replenishment

Playstation direct

PlayStation Direct PS5 restock date: December 13

Recently, PlayStation Direct gave fans almost weekly opportunities to purchase a PS5 console. As Christmas approaches, it looks like Sony is making next-gen sales its top priority.

The good news is that Sony is allowing fans to sign up for a PS5 drop before Christmas!

And while that doesn’t guarantee you a PS5 this year, it’s still worth going. After all, at least scalpers can’t steal consoles offered straight from fans.

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Antonline PS5 restock

PS5 on AntOnline

Antonline PS5 restock date: this week (rumor)

As a small retailer, many fans may not be familiar with Antonline, but the company does sell regular restockings of PS5s that are worth your time. The online-only retailer is also known for its quick delivery times, which makes it a great option to get a PS5 before Christmas.

The downside is that Antonline only sells consoles in expensive bundles, so you’ll pay a little more than you expect for the device. And while you can sell the extras later, you will need to face a larger cash investment to secure your PS5.

Put notifications on the Antonline Twitter counts and you’ll never miss a drop. Supply is limited, however, so make sure you get there first.

Walmart PS5 Replenishment

Walmart PS5 Replenishment

Walmart PS5 restock date: this week (rumored)

Last week, fans got excited at the prospect of Walmart’s Gamer Drop event announcing PS5 in-store sales. However, Walmart later confirmed that it wasn’t going to sell the console in stores after all.

The retailer kicked off PS5 online sales on December 8, but it won’t be the last of the year. Walmart is known for regularly restocking whether it has consoles for sale or not.

And we expect the company won’t want to miss a final restock or two before the Christmas holidays arrive. However, expect a long wait for your PS5 from Walmart if you secure the device.

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Amazon PS5 Replenishment

Amazon PS5 Replenishment

Amazon PS5 restock date: this week (rumored)

While Amazon is very unpredictable when it comes to next-gen restocking, it’s been following a pattern lately. The online store appears to be running low in stock towards the end of each month.

We do anticipate, however, that December will work a little differently, with the company not wanting to miss out on those holiday sales.

We’ve also seen reports that Amazon is making efforts to block scalpers on its site as well. So could that mean that our next drop is important?

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PS5 target replenishment

PS5 target replenishment

PS5 target restock date: this week (rumor)

Recently, Target had their biggest PS5 restock of the year and it was a huge success. The store may have some remaining inventory to upload soon, but we haven’t seen it show up yet.

In fact, many Target PS5 orders have been canceled, much to the disappointment of buyers. But that doesn’t always mean the company has oversold their inventory – sometimes retailers want to make sure they have sufficient inventory levels for another replenishment later.

We imagine Target will have more stock soon, although whether or not that is this week remains to be seen.

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Best Buy PS5 restock

Best Buy PS5 restock

Best Buy PS5 restock date: this week (rumored)

As expected, last week we had a Best Buy PS5 restock on December 6th. But what was surprising about the drop was that you didn’t need a TotalTech subscription to hook up the PS5.

For this reason, we anticipate that if Best Buy restarts the next-gen console this week, you’ll need a subscription. Unfortunately, membership in Best Buy TotalTech is exorbitant, even if it gives you access to exclusive restocking.

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That’s all we know about the PS5 restocking wave from December 13 to 19 at the moment. However, check back regularly as we update this article with the latest news as it becomes available.

And we just received some amazing new sales figures revealing the number of PS5 consoles sold so far!

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