Eliminate your game lags with the best Android game boosters

Smartphones are improving their raw performance and getting better specs every year. Thanks to this upward slope, our phones can now perform many power-hungry tasks such as running online multiplayer games and even augmented reality titles. In keeping with heavy gaming production, we have compiled a list of the best Android game boosters.

Since the smartphone has become powerful enough to handle GPU-intensive tasks, more and more people have started using it as their primary gaming device. Thus, it will not be wrong to say that we are in the era of the smartphone revolution in gaming.

Although many smartphones today come with a built-in game booster feature, these pre-installed enhancements usually don’t have enough customization or advanced options. So, when your phone is struggling to run a particular game well, giving the third-party Android game boosters available on the Play Store a go is a natural move.

Game Booster app helps you get the best possible gaming performance from your phone hardware. This means getting a frame rate boost for both light and heavy games. These booster apps optimize games by identifying and suspending unnecessary background tasks running on your phone.

Best Android Game Boosters on Play Store

1. Game Booster – Accelerated and Live Stream Games

This application offers essential optimization features such as one-click performance boost, preset and custom profiles, and chart customization. However, one aspect that sets it apart from other game boosters is the native streaming support.

It gives you the ability to start streaming your games to YouTube and Twitch seamlessly. You will also get a built-in method to capture gameplay clips. It also includes additional features such as a touch lock, reticle and eye protection.

Strong points:

  • Most standard optimization features are available.
  • Built-in setup for Twitch streaming and gameplay capture (with custom video quality preset).
  • Option to change performance and graphics settings, ranging from FPS limit to render quality.

Price: To free

2. Game Mode – Game Booster PRO

game mode - game booster pro

When it comes to improving your gaming performance, it offers you global and local optimization settings. This allows you to either set general optimal settings for each game or have a dedicated boost setup.

The above settings are automatic rejection of calls, blocking of notifications, blocking of WhatsApp calls, blocking of Internet access (for all or selectively), etc. These features give you more control over how your phone works while gaming. The paid version gives you the option to automatically apply your custom configuration each time you launch a particular game (this also works when launching from the home screen and app drawer).

Strong points:

  • Global and local boost configuration for games.
  • Improved control with options like call blocking, notification blocking, Wi-Fi toggle, etc.

Price: Free | Paid subscription starts at ₹1,800/month

3. Game Booster | Lag correction and GFX

game and gfx recall lag fix for android

An important facet of this game booster is its customization. Crosshairs, FPS, and ping monitors can be changed to appear in custom colors, styles, or sizes. It detects your game through automatic analysis and helps you change advanced performance settings for them. These options include changing resolution, unlocking FPS, changing lighting and shadow effects, among others.

Additionally, there is an experimental “anti-ping mode” to optimize your online gaming sessions. You can unlock it by watching an ad or buying the premium version.

Strong points:

  • A range of advanced performance settings available
  • Lots of customization options for reticle, FPS monitor and ping monitors
  • Unique anti-ping functions

Price: Free | Premium subscription starts at ₹150/month

4. Game Booster: Game Launcher

game speed booster

It provides you with a simple one-click optimization for your game that you can trigger manually or activate the “Auto Boost” option. Plus, we monitor RAM usage and temperature to keep your game under control.

A handy thing about this app is that it automatically detects games on your phone and adds them to its library. However, the crosshairs and FPS monitor features are only available with the Pro subscription, which is also ad-free.

Strong points:

  • Basic one-click boost function
  • FPS, RAM usage and temperature monitoring
  • Automatic detection of installed games.

Price: Free | Paid subscription starts at ₹169.99/month

5. Game Booster – One Click Advanced Speed ​​Booster

one-click advanced speed

If you want a one-click performance boost in your game, look no further than this app. A big perk that comes with it is the ability to choose from multiple “game modes” or user profiles. This allows you to optimize your games according to their particular nature. For example, if it’s an offline game, you can assign it “Offline Mode”, which will disable network features to improve your gaming experience.

It also gives you the option to change the graphics features. You can experiment with settings like texture quality, anti-aliasing, etc., to influence the game performance according to your needs. Budget phone users can enable HDR graphics for better visuals without sacrificing frame rate.

Strong points:

  • Custom game profiles, i.e. game modes that can be assigned to specific games.
  • Customize various graphics settings including resolution, shaders, shadows, anti-aliasing, etc.
  • A variety of color filters to customize the color tone of a game.

Price: To free

6. Fixed game booster power GFX lag

game booster power gfx lag fix

This app optimizes your game using its Boost and Ultra Boost features. There are also RAM usage, temperature, and ping monitors for better insight into your phone’s status.

In terms of advanced settings, you can tinker with the resolution, FPS, and render quality meters. The ad-free premium version includes auto-boost, “network listener” and custom boost settings.

Strong points:

  • Choice between Boost and Ultra Boost optimization
  • Ability to change resolution, FPS cap and graphics quality
  • RAM usage, ping and temperature monitoring

Price: Free | Premium version available for ₹35

7. Game Booster 4x faster

4x faster game booster

It is a simple and straightforward Android game booster that provides essential functionality without any fluff. This app optimizes games to run more smoothly on your device and lets you change options like resolution and crosshairs.

You can monitor your storage and ping through the app. However, ping monitoring is not one of its strengths. Anyway, it also comes with an advanced optimization mode called “Ultra Boost”, which you can activate to get the best performance out of your device.

Strong points:

  • Two different optimization modes: Boost and Ultra Boost.

Price: To free

So these are the best android game boosters which you can download immediately from play store. Do you have any other apps to add to this list? Shout out in the comments below.


1. How can I play games smoothly on Android?

You can get better gaming experience by manually suspending additional background services and adjusting game settings or using a game booster to automate the same.

2. Do game booster apps work?

Yes, they do. Game booster apps free up your phone’s resources from unnecessary background apps and use them to run smoother games.

3. Is game booster good for games?

If you have a high-end phone, game booster apps can make an imperceptible difference in performance. However, these apps can really be a game-changer for low-end phones and truly optimize the gaming experience.

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