Elden Ring Meme is actually a cool idea for smartphone security app

Ring of Elden has been out for almost two months now and has the potential to become the biggest release of this year. Many gamers have spent countless hours on the game and made a name for themselves. One such famous player is Let Me Solo Her, who allegedly killed Malenia in Ring of Elden more than 400 times.

In addition to defeating their enemies multiple times, many Ring of Elden players have resorted to other, more humorous ways to enjoy the game, primarily through memes. Many Ring of Elden memes have gone viral, based on game bosses and animals like dogs and horses. A particular dog Ring of Elden meme broke internet recently.

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Following in the footsteps of these meme creators, another Ring of Elden player shared a brilliant meme idea related to an NPC, the Finger Readers. Fingerprint readers are non-playable characters in Ring of Elden who are elderly women and who have the gift of foresight in reading the fingers of an individual. When approached, finger readers begin the conversation with their signature phrase: “You, please, I can read them. Your fingers, please, your fingers.” as a lock screen for a phone.

Since most phones have a fingerprint sensor these days, which is used to unlock the device, the quote from said meme fits the criteria perfectly. The meme also features an image of a fingerprint scanner that looks like it’s asking the user to scan their fingerprint. As expected, the majority of the Reddit community was very impressed with the efforts of the original poster, and many custom versions of the same meme were created using the original as a template. However, it should be noted that this meme works best with phones that have the fingerprint scanner in the display, rather than as a physical button on the phone.

Many gamers think fingerprint readers are among the few Ring of Elden NPCs that could be excellent bosses. Some players think that several Ring of Elden NPCs would be a better substitute for many of the repeating bosses in the game. The FromSoftware title has received negative feedback from the gaming community for repeating bosses, as the game contains over 100 boss fights.

Speaking of boss fights, Ring of Elden players are notoriously famous for engaging in some of the most thrilling and action-packed boss battles. These fights often last several minutes, while at other times these fights tend to be relatively short, and a Ring of Elden player killed a Tree Sentinel in a single hit recently.

Ring of Elden is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S.

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