Disney’s Twisted-Wonderland Smartphone Game Becomes a Novel – News

Jun Hioki writes a novel launched on March 18

Disney Twisted Wonderland smartphone game gets a novel titled Disney Twisted-Wonderland Episode 1: Shinku no Bо̄kun (The Crimson Tyrant) which will be released on March 18. Jun Hioki is writing the novel “Episode 1”, which adapts the game’s prologue and first chapter.

Aniplex of America go outside Disney Twisted Wonderland smartphone game in the US and Canada Thursday for iOS and Android devices.

The game launched in Japan in March 2020. The first TV ad focused on the Heartslabyul dorm, inspired by the world of Alice in Wonderland, and the second announcement presented The Lion King-Savanaclaw inspired dorm.

black butler manga creator Yana Toboso handled the game’s main concept, storyline, and character design. TROYCA hosted the game’s opening film, and Night Ravels performed the opening theme song “Piece of my world”.

The game centers around characters inspired by Disney movie villains and is described as a “villain academy adventure game” that features rhythm game elements and battles.

The story of the game begins when the main character is summoned to another world by a magic mirror. There, the main character arrives at the prestigious magical training school “Night Ravens College”. With nowhere to go, the main character is offered protection by the school’s masked principal and gets to know the school’s uncooperative but great students while trying to find a way home.

Night Ravens College has seven dormitories. The characters in each dorm are inspired by different Disney works, including Alice in Wonderland, The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, Snow White, Hercules, The Lion King, and Sleeping Beauty.

The Disney Plus subscription service announced in October that the game inspired an anime adaptation project.

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