David Lammy: Ban the use of smartphones in schools


October 30, 2021, 20:54 | Updated: October 30, 2021, 9:45 PM

This was David Lammy’s argument for banning the use of smartphones in schools to improve the mental health of young people.

It comes as a coalition of schools formed to improve children’s mental health has said classrooms should be “phone-less sanctuaries.”

The group includes prestigious private schools such as Eton, Westminster, Wycombe Abbey and St Paul’s, which are asking the government to invest £ 11.6million per year from 2023 to increase the number of school counselors and teachers specialized.

David told listeners: “The bigger issue has to be about the mental health of young people.

“We have suicide, unfortunately, as a problem. We have self-harm as a growing problem with our young women in society. This is all desperately, desperately worrisome.”

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David then set out his position on the use of smartphones in schools: “I must say that my general point of view is to ban the use of smartphones in schools.

“Politicians have let parents down. This stuff should be regulated, and I have absolutely no doubt that in ten years or so it will be better regulated.”

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He continued, “Right now it’s like the Wild West, and the pressure on parents to determine whether children can have it or not is too great, and I suspect the pressure on teachers is too great. .

“Where is this online mischief bill that the government said it was going to introduce? We’re still waiting for it.”

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