Athena Home Loans Offers $ 100,000 in New Campaign


As many are feeling the financial impacts of recent closures, Athena Home Loans is offering Australian homeowners the chance to win $ 100,000 for their home loan in a new campaign.

The mortgage disruptor encourages homeowners to take that step towards financial freedom and put their money where it is.

Starting today, the “Smash Your Home Loan” campaign will run on a number of channels including TV, radio, outdoor buses and digital channels through the end of October.

“Athena’s mission is to help clients pay off their mortgage faster! Said Natalie Dinsdale, Director of Marketing for Athena.

“So far we’ve saved Australians $ 365 million ** over the life of their instant loans, but we want that number to double as quickly as possible.”

“We launched this competition to show clients that we are on their side and by investing money on your home loan, you save more in the long run. ”

“When the lucky winner pays the prize of $ 100,000 on his home loan with Athena, he will effectively double his earnings. On an average home loan, this instantly reduces the loan by 8 years and will save nearly $ 200,000 in repayments over the life of the loan *.

“We are proud to offer all Athena customers at no disagreeable fees, one of the lowest variable interest rates on the market, and automatic rate matching. Allow homeowners to reduce their loan term in time and money, ”Dinsdale said.

Anyone who applies for an Athena home loan by October 31st will receive an entry into the raffle for this amazing prize when approved.

Athena’s head of marketing campaigns, Katie Cummings, called on consumers to participate in the contest and said everyone who enters will benefit financially from their participation.

“Approved applicants will have a chance to earn $ 100,000 for their home loan. This is in addition to the $ 56,000 ** the average customer saves just by switching to Athena, allowing them to pay off their home loan faster and live a debt-free life sooner. It’s a win-win.

“There is really nothing for Australians to lose by participating in this competition or by sponsoring a friend – just a lot of money to be made,” Cummings said.

Athena’s marketing team produced the campaign in collaboration with partner agencies Narrativity, Never Sit Still, Direct Response Media and Jaywing. Most of the creative production was done in-house /

* Estimated savings based on an average loan of $ 432,000 (ABS May 2021) and an average RBA rate of 2.88% (May 2021) and a monthly repayment amount of $ 2,000.

** Interest savings estimate is an average of the modeled savings of actual customers who have refinanced at Athena since inception. The savings are only modeled estimates and are not a prediction. The actual future savings for these customers may be more or less. The estimated savings depend on assumptions that may change over the life of the loan, such as future interest rates and future repayment behavior of borrowers. In making the estimate of average savings, we assume that the existing lender’s and Athena’s rates continue for the life of the loan, and we do not include any fees that may be charged by the existing lender. The remaining term and repayment frequencies are assumed to be the same as the Athena loan, and all repayments are assumed to be made on time with no repayments or increased credit limits. Each borrower’s situation is different. Your actual savings opportunity may differ from this average

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