Asus 8z smartphone review

A few years ago, Apple did something unusual when it released the iPhone mini, bringing small phones back into the limelight. Now, Asus also seems to be optimistic about this small form factor, especially when those like me had given up hope of ever seeing a true flagship-level compact Android phone. This is where the Asus 8z feels refreshing. But the question is how well will users react to a device like this when they are already used to big screen phones? I lived with the Asus 8Z for a few days and here’s what I think of the smallest Android flagship you can buy on the market today.

Asus 8z review: Design and aesthetics

The biggest complaint I have about current smartphones is that they’re too big for my hands. The iPhone 13 comes closest to what I think is the perfect size for a smartphone – it’s neither too big nor too small. But it’s by no means a small phone; iOS users can at least opt ​​for the iPhone 13 mini. But that’s not the case if you live in the Android ecosystem. Yes, Google Pixel 4A is here but it is not a flagship device. The Asus 8z fills the void and becomes a pocket-sized alternative to the iPhone 13 Mini.

While I liked the simplicity of the 8z, I wish the company had changed the design of the phone a bit. Sometimes it feels flat to me. (Image credit: Anuj Bhatia/Indian Express)

But how small is this phone? Can I keep the phone in my short pocket? Yes is the answer. It is the most compact high-end Android flagship available in India, at least to my knowledge. I can use this phone with one hand (Hello!) And while it doesn’t look tiny, the Asus 8z is actually slightly smaller than the iPhone 13. The front panel is protected by Gorilla Corning Victus, while the back uses Gorilla Glass 3 with a frosted finish – almost a matte look. The frame of the phone is made of aluminum which gives it a premium look. A small phone matters to many people, as does a headphone jack. The 8z is rated IP68 for dust protection, although the phone feels a bit heavy at 169 grams. Reaching for the power button feels natural, and the in-screen fingerprint scanner is quick and responsive.

Asus 8z review: Display and audio

Technically yes, the Asus 8z is a small phone but it doesn’t feel “tiny” to me. The 8Z has a 5.9-inch Samsung AMOLED display with a resolution of 2400 x 1080 pixels, which is equivalent to 445 PPI. The front panel is flat and the phone is designed in such a way that it gives the impression of a small device. The screen being large enough, those who wish to migrate to the Asus 8z may not feel lost and that’s good. Whether you read a story about indianexpress.comwatching a YouTube video or playing games, the experience of using the 8z is no different than any other phone.

Asus 8Z, Asus 8Z review, Asus 8Z price in India, Asus 8Z specs, Asus 8Z features, Asus 8Z smartphone, Asus 8Z android phone I liked the display on the Asus 8z. (Image credit: Anuj Bhatia/Indian Express)

The display is not only HDR10 certified, but also supports a smooth high refresh rate of 120Hz. The display supports so-called adaptive refresh rates which switch between 60Hz, 90Hz and 120 Hz. This way the battery is unlikely to be drained quickly. Asus phones have always been better at built-in speakers, especially ROG-branded gaming phones. The 8z comes with two speakers, both loud and clear. I can use them for casual listening or even attending a Zoom call. The sound produced by the speakers is impressive. For a change, the phone also has an old-school 3.5mm headphone jack.

Asus 8z review: Performance and battery

So how does the Asus 8z perform and does it make it a good investment considering the price? The good news is that it works brilliantly. It has a Snapdragon 888, found inside the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 and OnePlus 9 Pro. Coupled with 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage (the microSD slot is unfortunately missing), this makes the phone a great performer when it comes to multitasking. These specs are more than enough to browse the web, play any game imaginable, and open apps. The phone comes with Android 11 with ZenUI baked on top – proprietary user interfaces similar to Xiaomi’s MIUI or Samsung’s OneUI. The good thing about ZenUI is that it feels close to Android and “bloatware” has been kept to a minimum.

Asus 8Z, Asus 8Z review, Asus 8Z price in India, Asus 8Z specs, Asus 8Z features, Asus 8Z smartphone, Asus 8Z android phone The Asus 8z user interface is clean. (Image credit: Anuj Bhatia/Indian Express)

While the user interface is clean and impressive, I’m not too sure about Asus’ commitment to major software updates as soon as possible. But what about battery life? Well, the phone’s 4000mAh cell can last an entire day, but don’t expect it to go beyond that. If you use Instagram a lot or like gaming, you’ll probably need to charge your phone at night before you call it a day. Don’t worry, Asus has added a few battery saving modes that increase battery life. The device also supports 30W wired charging and the power adapter is included in the box. Wireless charging is not supported which is not a random feature but these days it is considered a premium feature on flagship phones.

Asus 8z review: Both cameras are good, if not the best

The phone comes with a dual-camera setup on the back: a 64MP primary camera with a 1/1.17-inch Sony IMX686 sensor with OI and a 12MP secondary camera with a 1/2-inch Sony IMX363 sensor, 25 inches and a field of 113 ̊. to see. In my tests, the photos had good detail and the colors came out very well. Overall, the Asus 8z captured some great images. Photos look natural and the camera never overprocesses the image. Photos taken in low light are also surprisingly good. What’s missing though is a built-in optical zoom or telephoto lens. The front camera is a 12-megapixel Sony IMX663 with a 1/2.93-inch sensor. He does an excellent job.

Asus 8Z, Asus 8Z review, Asus 8Z price in India, Asus 8Z specs, Asus 8Z features, Asus 8Z smartphone, Asus 8Z android phone Example of Asus 8Z camera. (Image resized for web)
Example of Asus 8Z camera. (Image resized for web)
Example of Asus 8Z camera. (Image resized for web)
Example of Asus 8Z camera. (Image resized for web)

Asus 8z review: Should you buy it?

This is really a somewhat complex question. There’s no doubt that Asus has made, if not the best, decently equipped Android smartphone that’s smaller than competing phones. It is undoubtedly the most powerful small Android smartphone. It fits easily in one hand and I can slip it into the pocket of my skinny jeans. At the price of 42,999 rupees, Asus 8z is a comfortable phone to carry around but at the same time the size limits the addition of a bigger battery or multiple camera lenses. I don’t know whether or not the Asus 8z can compete with the best phones from Apple and Samsung, but I see a new wave of small, high-end phones making their way into the crowded market with a particular audience at the spirit.

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