Apple lands half of North America smartphone shipments in Q1 – TechCrunch

A small bright spot in a market that was already struggling with declining sales long before a global pandemic, supply chain crisis and inflation fears hit. The North American market saw a small – but hopeful – 4% increase in shipments over the same period last year, per new issues of Canalys.

The main driver – again – is Apple. iPhone 13 sales propelled the company to 51% of the total market, with 19.9 million units shipped. That’s a 45% increase from the first quarter of 2021. The company cites renewed interest in the company’s home market, as demand uncertainty grows overseas. The new iPhone SE has also helped the company capture more of the mid-range market.

Samsung saw a one percentage point increase to 28% of the total market. What happens further down the top five, however, may be the most interesting story in North American smartphone sales right now. This includes the continued surprise return of Motorola and a reinvigorated Google that ranks in the top five.

Picture credits: Canalys

The exits of LG and HTC from the market (planned and unplanned) transformed the market below the top two spots. It’s not a big enough change as China has suffered throughout Huawei’s struggles to regain relevance, but it’s always nice to see new names in the mix for a category that has long been dominated by the same handful of companies.

Picture credits: Brian Heater

Motorola (listed as parent company Lenovo here) retains third place, thanks to solid phones at affordable prices coupled with good legacy name recognition. The business jumped 56% compared to the same period last year. It’s quite a success from a brand that has been in the rearview mirror for all but a few select markets. Its ranking is bolstered by a steep 21% decline in fellow Chinese manufacturing giant TCL.

Google’s new focus on consumer hardware, meanwhile, seems to be paying off. The Pixel 6 helped propel the company into the top five, with (proportionately) massive growth of 380%. The company shipped 1.2 million phones for the quarter, compared to TCL’s 1.4 million. The recently announced Pixel 6A and upcoming Pixel 7 could give the company a decent shot at taking fourth place before the end of the year.

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