After abortion in the United States, companies including Netflix Disney reach out to help employed women

Washington: Several US companies, including Disney, Netflix, Paramount, Comcast, Sony and Meta, said they would help their employees if they had to travel out of state for abortion services after the US Supreme Court quashed “Roe v. Wade” which recognized the condition of a woman. constitutional right to abortion.Also read – What is Roe v. Wade and why the new abortion verdict has us on edge? Explain

Disney has reached out to employees to emphasize that it recognizes the “impact” of the Supreme Court’s decision and “remains committed to providing full access to quality, affordable care” for all employees and their families. which includes family planning and reproductive care, “it doesn’t matter where they live,” an inside source told “Variety.” Also Read – Netflix will bring the advertising level to the platform by the end of the year. Here’s what that means

For Disney employees unable to access medical service, including abortions, in one location, they receive a travel benefit that allows “affordable coverage to receive similar levels of care in another location.” Read also – The United States cancels the right to abortion; The Supreme Court says no to the Constitution

A Netflix spokesperson told “Variety” that the streaming service provides travel reimbursement coverage for full-time U.S. employees and their dependents who must travel for cancer treatment, transplants, gender-affirming care or an abortion – through our US health plans. This is a lifetime allowance of $10,000 per employee and/or their dependents per service.

In light of the Supreme Court’s decision, Warner Bros. Discovery has expanded its “health care benefit options to cover transportation costs for employees and covered family members who must travel to access abortion and reproductive care,” a spokesperson said in a statement obtained by ‘Variety’.

“Variety” has confirmed that Comcast has a travel benefit that covers medical services and procedures for Comcast and NBCUniversal employees that are not available near an employee’s home.

Paramount Global CEO Bob Bakish and human resources director Nancy Phillips sent a memo to staff on Friday, confirming the company’s intentions to cover travel costs for employees seeking abortions.

In a memo obtained by “Variety,” they wrote, “Reproductive health care through company-sponsored health insurance, including birth control coverage, elective abortion care, miscarriage care and certain related travel expenses if the covered health service, such as abortion, is prohibited in your area.

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