90% of drivers admit to using a smartphone while driving, according to a study


Distracted driving is emerging as the new social norm on the roads, with a study finding that 9 in 10 drivers admitted to using their smartphones while driving last year.

“It’s scary, it’s scary. I think people are in a rush in their lives. There’s a lot going on and they’re trying to multitask,” said pilot Raj Patel from St. Petersburg.

Recent studies show that more people use their phones, play with the navigation or are distracted while driving now than in the past. A growing number of drivers find distracted driving acceptable.

“If they think that it’s the wrong way to think because they put a lot of people in danger here,” said pilot Rodney Lozada of Riverview.

A StateFarm Study found that over 90% of drivers knew that reading e-mail while driving was dangerous, but a third of them said they did so anyway. AAA found 30% or more of drivers reading on their phones, in a recent poll.

“Distractions are everywhere for drivers, from the cell phone in their hand to the technology, in their vehicle, to the passengers sitting right next to them in the car with whom they could talk,” said Mark Jenkins, door- word of AAA Tampa. . “My wife and I were hit by a distracted driver. We were just stationary and the person hit us from behind going about 55 miles an hour. This crashed our vehicle. It totaled the car. and he said he just looked on his phone for a second to check his GPS. “

Distracted driving doesn’t have to involve a cell phone. The Florida Teen Safe Driving Coalition has stated that passengers are a big distraction for teens. Leader and coordinator Melissa Valido is campaigning for awareness after a distracted driver kills her stepson.

“Distracted driving has always been a problem. It has just been grossly underestimated,” said Valido.

She said drivers shouldn’t be doing anything behind the wheel except focusing on the road.

“We continue to elevate the technology to have voice commands, so we are encouraging people. The automakers are almost sending a message to drivers that it is okay to adopt this behavior when you are driving because it is built into this car. has to be safe, and it just isn’t, ”said Valido.

Another recent study from Zendrive found that more than half of the crashes the company investigated involved the driver using a phone. AAA said that if you need to use GPS or use your phone, stop out of the way so you don’t endanger yourself or others.

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