7 warning signs that your smartphone or laptop battery could be exploding

Rechargeable batteries are everywhere. Look around you right now, and there are probably half a dozen devices containing a rechargeable battery within easy reach of you.

Given how many gadgets that house a rechargeable battery live in your home, it’s a good thing that they’re surprisingly safe and rarely catch fire.

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But rarely is not never.

Yes, it’s true, a battery can – and sometimes does – catch fire.

The good news is that batteries usually give you a warning before turning into a fireball. And if you know the warning signs, you can deal with them before you have a nasty surprise.

Here are the warning signs you should look for that your smartphone or laptop battery is about to explode.

#1: The gadget gets very hot

This is a great warning sign that something bad could happen imminently.

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#2: The device swells or the seams burst

Rechargeable batteries can swell dramatically when defective, which can push screens off smartphones and even bend and bulge the casing of laptops and other gadgets.

#3: An unpleasant chemical smell is emitted by the device

This is another warning sign. It might not be the battery that’s at fault here, but any pungent smell coming from a gadget is a sign it needs to be checked.

#4: Smoking

It goes without saying that this is a problem that you should not ignore.

#5: Device not charging properly

It may not be an imminent sign that your smartphone, laptop, or other gadget is going to burst into flames, but it is a sign that something is wrong, and to be sure, it’s worth having it checked out. the device.

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#6: Liquids leaking from a device

It might not be the battery, but it’s still a warning sign that you shouldn’t ignore. If it’s not the battery, it’s something.

#7: The device has suffered serious damage

Maybe a big drop where the case is dented or has been crushed or bent. If there is any chance that the battery has been damaged or punctured, this is a problem that you should not ignore.

What to do in case of fire

If you encounter any of these signs, stop using the device and seek expert help, and in the meantime, place the device somewhere where if it ignites, it will not cause harm. big problems (on a metal tray, on concrete, something that won’t catch and spread fire).

If your device catches fire, do not throw water on it, as this could make it worse! That’s when having the right fire extinguisher can save the day. You do not have any ? Buy one now. Seriously.

If the fire is small and you don’t have access to a fire extinguisher, covering the appliance with something fireproof — a metal pan or glass bowl — can help prevent the spread. That said, don’t take chances when it comes to fires. Evacuating the area and calling the emergency services is the safest thing to do.

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